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- Upon joining this website, and by posting any content in our shoutboxes or elsewhere, you are automatically respecting and agreeing to these rules. Bending or disobeying the rules may result in suspending of your membership for a certain amount of days, banning completely, or demotion/removal of the character used to break our rules. I will never accept "I didn't know" as an excuse, as from this point on.


- Respect is not just for me and the admin and mod. Be nice to everyone. Do not bash, and if you are disrespected, message Harley or Kalis with the issue. Do not start an argument.


- Realism is a must. We are very strict about god-modding and power-playing. You may be realistically strong, and I will love you forever for a character that is well-rounded, imperfect, or weaker, because that just creates beautiful realism to our pack. We don't allow huge wolves that kill other wolves by snapping their heads off. You must ask before killing a member of the pack, but you may kill any wolf that is not yet a member.


- If you are under thirteen, be prepared for some adult content, including sexual themes and violence at times, and some foul language.

- Your wolf has to die between the ages of 6 - 9. They cannot live passed 9.


- Grammar and spelling/text talk. I'm not going to get mad at someone who doesn't always use the right there/their, forgets to add periods, or has a terrible grade in spelling, but I will get mad if you st@rt txt t@lkin kuz u w@nn@ b k3wl. No.

- Keep this place spam and advertisement free (anywhere that isn't the advertisement page. It's there for a reason). Use parenthetical marks around any OOC (out of character) content!


- There isn't a character limit, but keep it to something you can handle. I love when people equally spread the wealth of male characters and female characters.

- Keep your characters realistic. You may play as any wolf sub-species but most of us are red or gray wolves. Your character may be white, gray, tawny, brown, black, or any variation of these natural wolf colors. I do give some wiggle room with eyes. Most wolf eyes are brown or green, but your wolf's eyes can be any color excluding red, pink, or purple. You may have some distinguishable markings, scars, etc. But no jewelry please! Your wolf may only be between 50-170 pounds.

- No screen names. You may use your own name, a name of your character, or multiple character names, but please don't use a name like wolfiiegurrl12 or X5sosloverX.


- In a real wolf community, a wolf will partner with a member of the opposite sex and similar or identical ranks. Here, ranks are not a problem. If you are alpha or beta, your mate will become the other alpha or beta, and if you are separate ranks, it is not affected.


- Any wolf who mates with an omega becomes an omega.


- Your character is also allowed it's choice in sexuality. Support LGBT wolves. x3

After you've read the rules, please comment "I have read and agree to abide by the rules of CWP." 

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