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Bad moon rising - Lodi

Up Around The Bend - Run Trough The Jungle

Green River - Commotion

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Bootleg - Good Golly Miss Molly / Down On The Corner - Fortunate Son /  Have You ever Seen The Rain - Hey Tonight / I Heard It Trough The Grapevine - Good Golly Miss Molly / I Put A Spell On You - Walk On The Water / Molina - Sailor's Lament / Proud Mary - Born On The Bayou / Someday Never Comes - Tearin' Up The Country / Suzie Q part 1 - Suzie Q part 2 / Sweet Hitch Hiker - Door To door / Travelin' Band - Who'll Stop The Rain


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This discography was compiled in an effort to make the most complete Creedence Clearwater Revival discography available. I am trying to make the most comprehensive listing available but it is not one hundred percent complete and it may not be one hundred percent accurate.

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The informations are based on royalty free photo resources found on the internet, based on my own CCR collection and hundreds kindly received informations from friends all over the world.

For the moment, the published discography is limited to the original CCR albums (33 1/3 rpm LP records - official and non-official releases). The singles and EP discography is coming soon.

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Short History 

John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook began playing instrumentals together under the name The Blue Velvets in 1959. The trio also backed singer Tom Fogerty, John's older brother. By 1964, the band had signed to Fantasy Records, an independent jazz label based in San Francisco at the time.

Fantasy had released Cast Your Fate to the Wind, a national hit for jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. The record's success was the subject of an NET TV special, which prompted budding songwriter John Fogerty to contact the label. For the band's first release, however, Fantasy co-owner Max Weiss renamed the group The Golliwogs (after the children's literary character, Golliwogg), apparently to cash in on a wave of popular British bands with similar names.

During this period, band roles underwent some changes. Stu Cook had gone from piano to bass guitar and Tom Fogerty became the band's rhythm guitarist. John Fogerty also began to write much of the band's material. Most notably, the young guitarist had taken over lead vocal duty. As Tom would later say, "I could sing, but John had a sound."

The group had suffered a setback in 1966 when the draft board called up John Fogerty and Doug Clifford for military service.

By 1967, Fogerty and Clifford had been discharged from military service. All four members subsequently quit their jobs and began a heavy schedule of rehearsing and playing area clubs full-time.

Later that year Saul Zaentz buys Fantasy Records. The quartet turn fully professional and change their name in Creedence Clearwater Revival.

1968 July : First Album, Creedence Clearwater Revival, released, earns CCR first gold record with sales in excess of $1 million.

1969 January : Second Album, Bayou Country, released, sells over one million copies, earning CCR first platinum record award

1969 August : Third album, Green River, released, earns second platinum record award.

1969 November: Fourth album, Willy And The Poor Boys released, third platinum record award.

1970 July: Fifth album, Cosmo's Factory released, sells over three million copies, fourth platinum record award.

Creedence had seven major hit singles in 1969 and 1970, including "Bad Moon Rising" (#2, 1969), "Green River" (#2, 1969), "Fortunate Son" (#14, 1969), "Down on the Corner" (#3, 1969), "Travelin’ Band" (#2, 1970), "Up Around the Bend" (#4, 1970), and "Lookin’ Out My Back Door" (#2, 1970).

Tom left in January 1971, one month after the release of the pivotal Pendulum which became the group’s fifth platinum album. The band carried on as a trio, touring worldwide; Live in Europe was the recorded result. CCR’s final album, Mardi Gras, gave Cook and Clifford an equal share of the songwriting and lead vocals. It was the band’s first album not to go platinum. Creedence disbanded in October 1972

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willy and the poor boys

 cosmo's factory


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I Put A Spell On You , Suzie Q, Hey Tonight, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Lookin’ Out My Back Door, Up Around the Bend, Travelin’ Band, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son, Bad Moon Rising, Lodi, Bootleg/Good Golly Miss Molly, Commotion, Sweet Hitch-Hike, Door To Door, Mardi Grass, Pendulum, Cosmo's Factory, Willy And The Poor Boys, Green River, Bayou Country, Stu Cook, Doug Clifford, Tom Fogerty, John Fogerty