Courtroom Art by Gary Myrick

Authentic Sketches From Actual Trials


A partial list of some of the hundreds of cases, courtrooms and people covered by the artist.

Cullen Davis - Legendary murder-for-hire trials of Texas millionaire.

Paula Jones - Notorious sexual harassment case against then-President Bill Clinton.

Branch-Davidians - Arraignment hearings during the infamous standoff in Waco.

Darlie Routier - Young mother who received the death penalty in the killings of her two children.

Whitewater - From the lengthy investigations of President Bill Clinton by Kenneth Starr.

Genene Jones - "Death Nurse" convicted in suspicious deaths of children.

Jim Mattox - Former Texas Attorney General acquitted in political trial.

Lenell Geter - Wrongfully convicted subject of documentary "The Thin Blue Line".

Candy Montgomery - Acquitted in sensational trial for the axe murder of neighbor Betty Gore

Lester Roloff - Controversial evangelist who later died in plane crash.

Republic of Texas - Members of group asserting nationhood for Texas convicted in bomb plot.

Billie Sol Estes - Legendary West Texas swindler-deluxe.

Paul Fielding - Dallas city councilman convicted on federal corruption charges.

Woods Assassination - Trial concerning assassination of Federal Judge Charles Woods.

Henry Lee Lucas - Infamous "serial killer" convicted of only one murder.

Pamela Fielder - Socialite convicted in death of husband.

New York Subway Murder - Thirteen year-old accused of murder on subway.

"Agent Orange" Trial - Houston

United States Supreme Court - Dallas School Desegregation Case.

Texas Supreme Court

Texas Court of Appeals

Federal Appeals Court, New Orleans

Edwin Wilson - Former CIA agent's trial in international arms smuggling case.

William Sessions - Former head of FBI, federal judge, father of Congressman Pete Sessions.

Billy Clayton - Former Speaker of the Texas House.

Rudy Kos - Former Catholic priestís landmark molestation case.

Vicki Daniel - Widow of former Texas House Speaker Price Daniel II, acquitted in his death.

Betty Ann Beets - Trial in husbandís murder results in execution.

Mexia Drownings - Law enforcement officers tried in Juneteenth deaths of black detainees.

Rex Cauble - Well-connected Cutter Bill Western Wear owner convicted of drug smuggling.

Lee Harvey Oswald - Hearings which led to his exhumation.

Ricky Lee Greene - Notorious murder trial in slaying of abducted woman.

Saving and Loan Scandals - Several federal trials stemming from the S&L collapses in the 1980ís.

Air Traffic Controllers Trial - President Ronald Reagan refused to rehire strikers.

Braniff Bankruptcy - Major airline goes belly up.

State Fair Skyride Trial - Case stemming from fall of ski-lift gondolas onto fairgoers.

Sanctuary Trial - Activist Stacy Merkt imprisoned for aiding Salvadoran refugees.

Al Lipscomb - Controversial federal trial of former Dallas councilman.

Ianniís Murders - Trial of Abdelkrim Belacheb in nightclub shooting spree.

John Connally - Testified as character witness for Rex Cauble.

Jim "Guy" Tucker - Arkansas governor convicted in Whitewater-related charges.

Susan MacDougal - former wife of Clinton business associate, defied Whitewater prosecutors.

James MacDougal - Clinton business associate who died in federal custody.

Richard "Racehorse" Haynes - Legendary, controversial defense attorney.

Sarah T. Hughes - Swore in Lyndon Johnson after Kennedy assassination, first female federal judge.

Charles Harrelson - Father of actor Woody Harrelson, convicted of assassinating federal judge.

Ronnie Earle - Travis County District Attorney who has prosecuted numerous politicians.

Amon Carter II - Former "Star-Telegram" publisher, at American Airlines stockholder meeting.

Lew Wasserman - Mogul of MCA-Universal, prominent US tycoon

In Addition :  Federal, state and local judges, both prominent and obscure, in Texas, the Southwest and throughout the United States, along with countless attorneys, witnesses, jurors and attendees, of varying fame, spanning more than twenty-seven years, for the media, including publications, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News.