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December 2017 Update.

More updates coming in early 2018

2016 marked the last year I hatched out Sebastopol Geese.
At 65 years old its time for me to scale back on my work load
to have more time to travel and for other interests.
All my breeding stock has been sold.  

I breed Babydoll Southdown sheep and offer a few select lambs each spring.

I have a small flock of Muscovy Ducks in pied and magpie.
I currently don't have any solid colored Muscovies.
I no long ship day olds but might have started birds available summer - fall
which are available for shipping or farm pick up.

I will be offering Muscovy hatching eggs in 2018

It's been my pleasure to be apart of the Sebastopol Geese
community for the last 12 years. Thank you all very much!

For general geese and breed information please
join the Sebastopol Geese Lovers forum which has
the most breed information you will find anywhere on the internet.

I don't answer geese raising/breeding/incubation questions via email so please
read my raising geese tip page here and please
join the Sebastopol Geese Lovers Forum.  Thank you!

For more frequent updates and photos
please follow me at Cottage Rose Farm on Facebook


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