Jill and Holly

Cotswold Heelwork to Music is primarily a group of people led by Jill Davis who with their dogs individually or collectively give demonstrations of Heelwork to Music and Freestyle.   Jill's current dogs are Border Collies Holly and Matisse.  Holly and River (R.I.P.) have competed at the very highest level in the country and have appeared in demonstrations and competed in the National Finals at Crufts for seven consecutive years.  Holly has now retired from competitions but is still very much part of the scene at training sessions and joins in with occasional demonstrations as she still enjoys it.  Matisse is still young but is a very confident chap and quick to learn with stunning heelwork and lots of moves already in his repertoire.  He is currently competing in Novice Freestyle, Advanced Heelwork to Music and Intermediate Dressage. Jill is also a highly experienced HTM and obedience judge and trainer.  For our demonstrations we are often joined by members of our club, some of whose photos can be seen on a later page.  We are able to tailor our shows to cater for just a few people watching in a lounge at an old people's home right up to thousands watching from all sides in a huge arena.  We can offer just a short demonstration or fill a couple of hours by also including tuition for spectators and their dogs and also giving the audience a chance to 'come and have a go' either with our dogs or their own.  Heelwork to Music displays are always a great crowd-puller because once the music starts everyone flocks to the ring to see what is going on.  We do have our own music system or can use yours if you have one available.

We are also available for film and advertising work.

To make a booking please email Jill Davis on JillDavis.Oaklands@btinternet.com


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