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Revisions to the site

 Date  Summary of changes and updates

 Checked links and missing files. Please e-mail me at if any are still not working.


 All links changed to point back to this web site. In process of uploading all the latest versions.


 Add revision 11 for Alcalali - latest new routes added


 Add revision 7 for Castellet de Calp


 Updated topo for Alcalali


 Updated topo for Boveda (Alicante Section) available for direct download


 Updated topos for Castellet de Calp, Alcalali and Murla


 Castellet de Calp - version 6


 Various updates, topos and links


 New routes added to topo for Castellet de Calp and Los Pinos


 Updated topo for Castellet de Calp + Sella Wildside/Watercave added

 Photo Album added


 Updated topos for Alcalali and Castellet de Calp


 Update of Links


 Update of links to related to updated topos


 New Crag Directory added, Forada update and Guadalest topo


 Updated topo for Pino's and Alcalali - plus a new area Segaria with details of the sports routes close to the motorway


 Added photos to home and calpe pages


 New revised topo for Pino's added

 New revised topo for Cabezon D'Or added


 Revised topo for Pino's added

 Updates for L'Ocaive and Olta


 Revised topo added for the Moraira sea cliffs

 Updates for Ontinyent


 Topo added for the Moraira sea cliffs


 Revised and updated topos for Altea Col, Murla, Pego and Pinos


 Add Cabezon D'Or topo to Alicante page

Updates for L'Ocavie


 Add Links page and sizes for the downloads - reorganise data

Add section to Calpe for other updates

Add section to Alicante for other updates

 25/02/2004  Add revised topo for Altea Col containing photo's
 07/02/2004  Add Patrias and Gamellons
 03/02/2004  Add Pego to Calpe section

How to download the Topo's

All the Topo's are prepared as Acrobat PDF files.

To open the document click on the link - you will need Acrobat Read installed on your computer.

To save the document locally - right click with the mouse on the link and select Save Target As ... You can then choose where to save the document.

The topos are provided as a A5 size. These are best printed on A4 page using duplex printing. (I.e. print odd pages first and then return the paper to the printer to print the even sides on the back).