Confection Connection Cake Club


August 2017

Tonight's club meeting was a busy one for sure! Paulette had a lot to talk about regarding the updated bylaws. Susan H. shared that the club will be aquiring a tv, camera and tripods to use at monthly meetings to make it easy for everyone to see the demos and hands on project on the screen without having to leave their seats. A new production crew of club members was formed to be in charge of the equiptment and running it at the meetings.

The board members along with a couple other club members met last week and it was decided that from now on all board members will have a 2 year term. There will no longer be a 1/2 price membership for people joining the club half way through the year. And all members will pay full dues from now on.

It was voted on and passed tonight that the club raise annual dues to $30 per member which will begin in October.

Barb H. shared a tool of a plastic pastry mat to easily roll out fondant on that is far less expensive that other mats.

Pam and Ellie shared a recipe and samples too for a crusting buttercream.

EVCDS employee, Rebecca talked about some new edible glitter sprinkle blends they are now carrying in the store.

Kim lead the hands on project making fondant high heel shoes.

More photos from tonight's meeting on the gallery page.

Our History

A brand new website has been made to contain the club's history starting from 1995 to 2014.  Please check out information and photos through the years at 

Cottage Food Law in Arizona

The AZ State Legislature passed a brand new Cottage Food law that was signed by the Governor on April 13, 2011.  This law means that home bakers will legally be able to bake and sell baked and confectionary foods from home kitchens.  Bakers will not have to have a business license or any inspections.   The Department of Health Services will require that each person gets a food handler's card and an online registry of food preparers that are authorized to prepare food for commercial purposes will be set up.

"Baked and confectionary goods that are not potentially hazardous and that are prepared in a kitchen of a private home for commercial purposes if packaged with a label that clearly states the address of the maker, includes contact information for the maker, lists all the ingredients in the product and discloses that the product was prepared in a home.  The label must be given to the final consumer of the product.  If the product was made in a facility for developmentally disabled individuals, the label must also disclose that fact.  The person preparing the food or supervising the food preparation must obtain a food handler's card or certificate if one is issued by the local county and must register with an online registry established by the department pursuant to paragraph 13 of this subsection.  For the purposes of this subdivision, "potentially hazardous" means baked and confectionary goods that meet the requirements of the food code published by the United States food and drug administration, as modified and incorporated by reference by the department by rule."

This law goes into effect July 20, 2011.