Confection Connection Cake Club

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2018 Board Members

President- Paulette Karras

Vice President- Theresa Bunch

Recording Secretary- Lisa Westwood

Treasurer- Angel Clark  

Volunteer positions - 2018

Newsletter Editor-Kim Culver

Facebook & Web Master- Kim Culver

Social Secretary- Monique Griego

Membership Secretary- Barbie Berry

Raffle Ticket Seller- Mary Ann Schein

Hands on Project Coodinator- Ivy Lucia



Membership & Dues

Member responsibilities- To always promote the well being of the club. Pay dues by October 31st of each year. Be punctual. Participate at every meeting. Sign up when needed. If unable to carry out your assigned duty, arrange for another member to do them for you and advise President of your replacement. Keep Membership Secretary apprised of any changes to your personal info.

Becoming a member:  Before joining, an applicant must have at least one class in cake/food decorating or be self taught in these arts.

 Membership Year: Shall begin January 1st and end December 31st of the same year.

 Maintaining Membership: After joining, a member shall be required to:

     -Pay membership dues by October 31st of each year.

     -Attend six (6) or more club meetings in each 12 month period.

     -At least once during a 12 month period, participate in club activities by doing at least one of the following: giving a demonstration, leading a hands on project with another member assisting, sharing a recipe, helpful hit, tool, clean up after the meeting or providing refreshments for a club meeting and cleaning up the serving area.

The Board has the authority, at it's discretion, to waive requirements for members who are in some manner providing, or have provided exceptional assistance to the club.

Member in Good Standing: Is a member who has met all requirements of the club membership.

Associate Member:  Defined as a membership for a person who can not attend regular meetings, but who would like to maintain association with the club by receiving the club's monthly newsletter. Shall not have the right to vote.


Are to be paid no later than the club meeting in October.

If dues have not been paid by the date of the club meeting in November, the club shall not pay for the club's portion of that member's Christmas social.

Membership Dues:  Effective August 1, 2017 annual membership dues shall be $30 regardless of the time of year they join the club. Membership dues are payable at the October club meeting.

Associate member annual dues shall be $15. Dues are payable at the club meeting in October.

Failure to maintain "membership in good standing" shall result in loss of club privileges i.e. serving as a Board Member, voting for Board Officers, serving on committees, etc.

 Board Meetings

At least one (1) formal board meeting shall be held in each quarter year, on a date other than the date of the club meeting. Informal board meetings shall be held, as required, prior to the club meeting.

Club Meetings

The club shall hold twelve (12) regularly scheduled meetings each year.

Club meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday each month, except in the case of that day being a holiday.

The December meeting shall be held open for a social activity.

Officers have the authority to reschedule any meeting to any day, providing it is beneficial for the members.

The club meeting shall begin at a time established by the club members. The club meetings shall be held at a designated location established by the club members.

Agenda for club meeting shall be: 1. old and new business. 2. Demonstration (s). 3. One hands on project each meeting. 4. Sharing of ideas pertinent to cake decorating and related areas.

Club meetings shall be limited to club members and guests.

Guests may attend a limit of two (2) club meetings before being required to pay dues of the appropriate amount to become a member. This amount will depend upon what time of year they join the club.

Children at club meetings: Only nursing babies and children over twelve (12) years of age shall be allowed to be at club meetings.


Board Members

The Board Members shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

- Each Board Member shall have been a member for six (6) months. Each Board Member shall be a member in good standing. " Good Standing" is defined as a Member who has met all the membership requirements as set forth in the bylaws. 

-The President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer shall assume their official duties on the first day of January of each year and shall serve for a term of two (2) years. Term shall end on the 31st day of December of the second year.


Officer Duties

The duties and responsibilities of the officers shall be as follows.


Keep a notebook containing all items relative to the functioning of the club.

Preside over club and board meetings and plan agenda.

Appoint membership secretary, newsletter editor, social secretary, historian, and audit committee.

At club meetings: Introduce guests and new members. Thank those who brought snacks/drinks/newsletter/hands on project leader.  New and old business. Report sign up lists for the next month.  Call for hands on project leaders to start project.

Keep master copies of all club forms in separate notebook. 

Transfer all club related documents and items to newly elected President at end of term.

Vice President

Assist President during meetings.

Preside over club meeting in the absence of the President.

Call snacks, drink and hands on project leaders at least two days prior to meeting as reminder.

Oversee all sign up lists: hands on project, demo, snacks, drinks, recipe, helpful hint, tools and cleanup and announce them at the meetings.

Transfer all related documents to newly elected Vice President at end of term. 

Recording Secretary

Keep a book containing club bylaws, minutes, attendance and any other items relative to the functioning of the club.

Take minutes at all club and board meetings. 

Relay minutes to newsletter editor.

Keep copies of all club forms.

Transfer all related documents to newly elected secretary at end of term.


Maintain all club financial accounts and records for current year as well as the two previous years.

Authority to write checks and have name on bank account.

Receive and record all monies for club memberships, raffles, scholarships, Christmas party dinner.

Record all club expenditures. 

Authorized to make purchases and/or reimbursements not exceeding $50 without board approval. Anything over $50 will be presented to board for approval.

Make financial report at club meetings quarterly.

Provide President with monthly financial report.

Keep notes of guidelines, applications and funds received dealing with scholarships. Scholarships are limited to $50 per person if funds are available.

Provide audit committee with all books at October meeting. 

Provide board members with copies of the annual financial report.

Make available all the books and records to the auditing committee for annual audit at the October meeting.  Audit shall be completed prior to the November club meeting. 

At the end of each accounting year, destroy all financial records other than the two years prior and current year.

Transfer all financial records and club related items to newly elected Treasurer at end of term. 

Volunteer Positions 


Maintains club history website with updated info and photos no less than twice a year. 

Membership Secretary

Oversee attendance table set up/clean up, name tags, member and guest attendance lists.

Keep notebook of membership applications and renewal forms.

Provide applications, club bylaws, new member info packet and roster to new members.

Make name tag and membership cards for new members.

Greet and follow up with all guests.

Update roster as new members join and provide board members with new roster annually, Roster includes name, address, phone, email, month and year of membership.

Provide Secretary and Newsletter Editor with list of new members and their info.

Transfer all club related documents to new Membership Secretary at end of term.

Social Secretary

During meetings, be in charge of set up/clean up of snack table and storing, bringing and purchasing necessary supplies.

Plan and organize any social activity for the club.

Present club with possible sites, menu and costs for annual Christmas party. Make necessary arrangements to confirm site in advance.

Be in charge of sign up list for Christmas party attendance and cookie exchange sign up list. Make any calls and emails needed for changes or updates.

Head a committee with at least two other members to help with the party. Plan and organize games, gifts, prizes, contests, etc for the Christmas party.

Newsletter Editor/Webmaster

Publish monthly newsletter including writing, editing and printing.

Newsletter includes monthly hands on project and supplies to bring. 

Send emails and hard copies out one week prior to meeting to all club members.

Purchase supplies as needed: paper, envelopes, ink, stamps, etc. Fill out reimbursement expense form and give to treasurer each month.

Keep all website pages and information current. Update news, photos, etc monthly. Post about monthly meetings, supply list needed for hands on projects.

Hands on Project Coordinator and Leads

From the approved list of projects, choose a month, a project and at least one assistant member.

Print instructions for each member with step by step pictures, the supply list and amounts needed per person, make a project to show at the meeting and lead the project with their assistant.

Supply list must be given to the Newsletter Editor at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 

Raffle Ticket Seller

Sell raffle tickets at meetings.

Call out ticket numbers.

Give money collected to Treasurer.

Audit Committee

Audit club financial records with two other members between the October and November meetings.

Obtain from Treasurer all club financial records consisting of bank statements, cancelled checks, check registers, accounting journal, accounting ledger and financial statements.

Advise President of results of audit.

Report results of audit at the January club meeting.  

Transfer all club related documents to new Audit Chairperson at end of term.