Confection Connection Cake Club

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Monthly club meetings are held at

East Valley Cake Decorating Supply

 2820 E. Broadway Rd in Mesa. 


We meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

Jan 9th,  Feb 6th, Mar 6th, Apr 3rd,  May 1st,  Jun 5th,  

 Jul 3rd,  Aug 7th, Sep 4th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6th,

Dec 4th -Christmas Dinner Party


Socializing and refreshments from 

6:00pm - 6:30pm.

 Meeting comes to order at 6:30pm with business then demos, hands on projects and discussion.

Members are asked to wear their name tags and return them to the display table before leaving.

Guests are invited to attend two meetings before becoming a member.  Guests will only be allowed to observe hands on projects.


Sign Up Lists

Refreshments & Drinks


January: Monique, Brandi & Mandy     drinks: Susan H.

February: Susan P. & Mary Ann          drinks: 

March:Ivy & Imelda                          drinks: Sherry B.

April: Michel &  Theresa                     drinks: Theresa

May: Kathryn & Sherry C.                  drinks:  Michel

June: Ce Ce                                      drinks: Susan P.

July: Barb & Paula                             drinks:  

August: Lisa & Mary Ann                    drinks: Mary Ann

September: Barbara R.  &                  drinks: 

October: April &                                drinks: Sherry B.

November: Barbie                             drinks: 


Demos 5-10 minute demo

January: Barb


March: Jeanne

April: Sherry C.






October: Barbie


Recipes, Tools & Tips 


  • January- Kathryn
  • February-Angel 
  • March- Imelda
  • April- Theresa
  • May- Ivy
  • June- 
  • July-
  • August- Lisa
  • September- Barbie
  • October- 
  • November- Michel
  • January- Susan H.
  • February- Theresa
  • March-
  • April- Paula
  • May- 
  • June-
  • July-
  • August- 
  • September- Ivy
  • October-
  • November-

  • January- Susan H.
  • February- Susan P.
  • March- Ivy
  • April- Theresa
  • May-
  • June- 
  • July- Kim
  • August- 
  • September-
  • October-
  • November-


Clean Up

January- Ivy & Lisa

February-Angel & Imelda

March- Ce Ce & Sherry B.

April- Barbara R. & Mandi

May- Yvette

June- Ce Ce

July- Barbie & Barbara R.

August- Lisa





Annual Christmas Dinner & Party

In place of our December meeting every year, the club holds a Christmas dinner and party. Included at the party are games, contests, a gift exchange and a cookie exchange.

 Our Social Secretary will be in charge of planning and organizing the party.  A committee of at least 2 other volunteers will help assist.

Our party will be in place of the December meeting.  

Members who have paid their annual dues by the October meeting will have their dinner paid for. If a member would like to bring a guest, that guest's dinner must be paid for directly at the restaurant that evening, not through the cake club. 

For the games: The club will provide prizes.

For the contests: Everyone will vote in each contest with the top 3 winning a prize provided by the club.  

For the gift exchange, each person who wants to participate will bring a wrapped gift of at least $20 value.  This includes each guest who wants to join in.  Generally gifts are associated with cake decorating and/or any form of sugar art.

For the cookie exchange, a sign up list will be passed around starting at the October meeting.  Members will make their goodies, package them in groups of either six (6) regular size, OR three (3) large size OR one (1) jumbo or highly decorated treat.

Each package will include your name and the recipe. You can make any treats you wish: cookies, candy, brownies, cake pops, petit fours, etc.   You will make one package for each person participating in the exchange.