Confection Connection Cake Club

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2018 Hands on Projects

A lead decorator will be in charge of each month's hands on project. As lead, you are welcome to ask for another member(s) help in assisting with the project. 


1. The lead will be responsible for getting instructions for the project by looking up ideas online, in magazines, etc.

2. Reading and understanding project directions.

3. Printing instructions with photos and a list of supplies and amounts needed for each member.

4. Providing newsletter editor and webmaster with list of supplies that members will need to bring at least one week prior to meeting.

5. Leading the club in explaining or showing how to do the project.

6. Bringing in a premade project for display when possible.

7. Fill out reimbursement form and provide all receipts to treasurer. If supplies are over $50 any month, please consult President. 

Each member will be responsible for bringing all their own supplies and tools if they want to participate in the hands on project. 

For this reason, guests will no longer be able to participate in the hands on projects. If a member brings a guest, that member may share her supplies with her guest. Otherwise the guest will just observe. 

Basic Tool Kit

Please make your own tool kit to bring with you to each meeting. Your kit can include any of the basic tools you would use to decorate with including a small rolling pin, fondant smoother, a dusting puff, shortening, pizza wheel or small knife, ball tool, small scissors, paint brushes, piping bags & tips, food colors, a non stick mat or vinyl and any other tools you normally use and find helpful.  For each project, specific tools will be listed to bring along with your basic tools.  

January- Geode Cookies- Ivy

February-Chocolate Roses- Paulette

March- Marzipan potatoes- Paulette and Lucky the Leprechaun-Kim

April- Purse cakes- Jeanne

May- Hawaiian Skirt Cake- Kim

June- Barbie Doll Cake-

July- Stencil on Cake-

August- Make Up Cake- Kim

September- Royal Icing Cookies- Michel

October- Day of the Dead Cake Pops- Barbie

November- Chocolate Ornaments- Ivy