Commonwealth Union


The Commonwealth Union is a proposed union of the current Commonwealth of Nations and any other nations who choose to join. The proposed union will put in place a Free Trade Area - a removal of tariffs and quotas on internal trade between mamber nations. After the FTA is put in place, a customs union should be enforced. This will allow the FTA to have a common tariff policy on all non-member nations. Finally an economic union should be put in place. This will allow the freedom of movement of citizens, goods, capital and services - similar to the Four Freedoms of the European Union.

 This proposed Commonwealth Union is by no means an attempt at recolonialisation. The union shall be of free association and there shall be no implication of political power over any nation. It is a union which will further the advancement of the member nations economies and will remove unnecessary bureaucracy in the movement of citizens, goods, capital and services which would usually culminate in the allowance of movement. It should also promote the same values that the Commonwealth of Nations promotes; democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism, and world peace. There may also be a possibility of a shared embassy, of member nations, within countries that it is deemed too expensive to set up one. This will benefit smaller nations (e.g. Singapore, Mauritius etc) in other small nations (e.g. San Marino, Luxembourg etc), as they will not be forced to either setup a costly office to represent themselves or let their citizens go unrepresented.

 However, since not all of the Commonwealth nations are econmically, politically and socially stable, the Commonwealth Union should, at first, allow the admittance of those Commonwealth nations with a high HDI[1] and nations with a high level of average income[2]. This will stop the migration of unwanted citizens from lower developed nations to higher developed nations. However, measures should be put in place in order to allow those nations who are excluded at first to enter the Union when these nations are deemed acceptable. Membership should only be open to those nations who are already within the Commonwealth of Nations and, like the present Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II shall be recognised by member nations as the head of union. A provision should be made allowing nations who are not willing to recognise the Queen as the head of the union, but otherwise qualify for membership, which would allow them access to the benefits of the union (similar to the Swiss Confederation's position in regards to the EEC and EU).

 Such nations which who would be immediately eligible should include Australia, Brunei, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Other nations which would be seen as potential future members of the Union would include countries which have a high level of economic, social and political stability. The Union should help those potential members by allowing them entry into the Free Trade Area, to help the nation's emerging economy.

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