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Hi and welcome to my third site, well, actually fourth, but I want it to be third, opening on August 21! Here, you'll find everything about Code Lyoko, the characters, and perhaps all their episodes, including the new ones!

If you want to contact me or give any personal comments (or advise) email me on

Note: Every week (at least) I update new episodes! Or days

In all big words, big and huge credits goes to wikipedia and the network (website). Created on Monday. 8-6-07.

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stock photo : Music theme

 (my first website, so if it's bad, that's just me trying it out)

Princess Zelda, as seen in Twilight Princess (my second website. I dedicate this website for Princess Zelda and Link)

 (and of well, this is my third website, lol. It's all about Code Lyoko)

  Note: This website is extremely important to me cuz of my favorite cartoon animation show.




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