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Welcome to my web site dedicated to my favorite hobby - sports card collecting . As the title implies , my name is Claude . I've been a card collector since 1982 , amassing an enormous collection of more roughly four million cards . While I collect a little bit of everything -  vintage , game-used , autographs , numbered cards , parallels , and rookies - my first loves are set-building and absolutely anything and everything featuring anyone with ties to my beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks . I suffer from what mothers used to call "pack-rat syndrome" . These days we're called hoarders - and I think I'd be classified as level 4 . I like to keep EVERYTHING . In my collecting , I like to own AT LEAST one of every card for my set building plus extras : one for the player collection , one for the "stash" , assorted extra for "inventory" , and of course unlimited dupes for my Gamecock collections . While that's obviously impossible (due not only to financial limitations but moreso because of the ever increasing quantity of legitimate one-of-ones and other extremely low print run cards) , I still like to keep at least one of every card I possibly can . As such , it is no great exaggeration to say that I am currently working on literally thousands of different sets .  I hope to gradually build this site to include not only pictures of some of my favorite cards , but also many of my numerous wantlists and some of the duplicate material I have available for trade or sell .

 This first page features a brief introduction and an update section . On page two you will find my GENERAL interests . Page three features some of my current top priority player collection needs . For now this page includes primarily players whose checklist are not too lengthy . Page 4 contains the wantlists for some of my high priority parallel sets . For now there are only a handful of sets listed , but I have literally hundreds more that I hope to get added as I get them fully organized and down to a manageable-sized list of needs . Pages 5-7 are many of my specific wantlists for sets - several master set projects , a handful of base sets , and hundreds of insert sets - arranged by sport and year . I'll be gradually adding more and more sets as time permits . Page 8 currently features a list of 2006-08 Bowman , Bowman Chrome , Bowman Draft , and Bowman Chrome Draft cards I currently have available for trade or sale . These cards are not MINE , but are part of a jointly-owned lot which means I am somewhat limited to selling or trading for other items specifically for re-sale . The 9th and final page contains pictures of a few cards in my PC . I hope to add in many more in the near future .

Well , pull up a chair , make yourself at home , and have a look around . I do ask that you please continue to bear with me as the site is still under construction and will be a work in progress as my work schedule permits .

Update for April 10 , 2017
OK , it's been just over two years since I updated the main page here on February 9th of 2015 . In that update , I was happy to report that after 17-year hiatus I was returning to the local flea market . Six weeks after that update , I was injured in a fire in my home . I managed to put the fire out myself , saving the house , all my cards , and most importantly of all , my 20 cats . Yes , I said my 20 cats . I did suffer third degree burns over much of my upper body (though it could have been MUCH worse) and spent nearly two weeks in a burn center where I received skin grafts on my torso and both arms . While in the hospital , my dad was taking care of the cats , but with him knowing little about how to properly take care of indoor pets and me not being there to supervise and care for them , they ran amok . Over two full years later I am still living on my parents' couch 50 miles from my house , traveling back and forth to take care of the kitties and try to get the house back in order in hopes of moving back home . Unfortunately , that may only be a pipe dream as I am currently helping take care of a 94-year-old grandmother with Alzheimers , a mother suffering from dementia brought on by her second major stroke , and a father who is in a dark place as he tries to deal with cancer . Needless to say things are a bit difficult for all of us right now , but the cats and cards - at least when I can find enough free time to work with them - help me to deal with things to some degree .

As for the cards and this site in particular , I have added a few more wantlists recently . I have also assembled 3 or 4 more albums of partial inserts and begun a couple more master set projects . I hope to get all these new wantlists posted here in the coming weeks . Despite the fire and other obstacles , I am still setting up at the market each Saturday . Originally we set up in space F5 and soon we expanded to include F6 . Several months later we were able to move a prime location , spaces F1 and F2 at the main intersection of the market . While sales have been up and down (mostly down) , we have added up over a million cards to our inventory and just last month expanded once again by adding space F3 . Now we're just trying to hold on and spread the word to more people that we are back and plan to stay which brings me to another of my
shameless plugs : Come on out to the Barnyard on Saturdays and see me at spaces F1-F3 . I usually arrive just after 8 AM and don't start packing up until around 5 or 6 PM - in fact I'm often still there until after 8 PM and have been there as late as 11 PM . Feel free to drop me an e-mail to let me know you saw this update and are stopping by and feel free to e-mai or bring wantlists with you .)


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