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Welcome to Thunderclan:

Clan character: In peace, respectful of other clans. In battle, feirce, courageous, and loyal. ThunderClan cats speak out for what is right and are not afraid to chalenge the warrior code.



Icestar: White she-cat with blue eyes.


(pic coming soon)

Thistleclaw:  white with black tail ear and a black dash on chest

Medicine cat:



Cloudfang: brownish orange she cat with peircing green eyes. She can be feirce and her bite is sharp giving her name. She can also be kind and most likley always is.

Bluestream: I am a tabby she-cat with a pure silver pelt that shines in the night, Im independent and i am true to the warrior code. My destiny is to save thunderclan from an evil in the forest. My parents are Firestar and Sandstorm. I get my intelligance from Sandstorm and my firery compassion to thunderclan from Firestar and I also have great skills and determindcy to save the clan from Firestar too. Sandstorm taught me to be true and live life to the fullest, sadly I havent met my father Firestar for he passed away in a battle from Shadowclan. His murderer was Blackfoot. He betrayed everyone in the forest and Firestar died because of it.