Spens Family History
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Nathaniel Spens was widowed twice. His three wives were Jane Ann Burnhope, Margaret Philpot and Mary Jane Campbell.


Jane Ann Burnhope (Nathaniel's 1st Wife)        Jane Ann and Daughter Isabella Irvine Spens     Elder Thomas Wallace and Mary Ann

Burnhope (Jane and Mary are sisters)    


Margaret Philpot Spens 



A self-portrait (Nathaniel) and a portrait of his wife, Mary Jane Campbell Spens



L-R:  (Back Row) Bertha, Agnes (Tom's wife), Anna, Mary Jane, and Nathaniel  (Than)

Thomas, Mary Jane Campbell holding Clara, Nathaniel, and James

Robert, Sarah holding a doll, Martha, and Alexander



            Nathaniel and Mary Spens 50th Wedding Anniversary                   Nathaniel Spens self portrait      


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