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Garden 2012

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Garden 2012

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April PCAGOE Entry - Theme "Four Seasons"

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My four seasons time is summer time.  Grass, flowers and baby bugs?


March PCAGOE Challenge Theme "Celestial"

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February Project "Heart for Jackie"

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Feb. 2013 PCAGOE Entry - Theme "Faux"

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PCAGOE January 2012 Challenge - Theme "Texture"

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A warm spring day

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Have been playing with colors in my home the last few weeks painting various rooms to suit changing tastes.  I felt the need for calming colors to be placed in the living room and bedroom.  Also have my crafting table cleared and fresh paper placed as a clean slate.  Itching to get going on some new pieces.  But then, I see my roses and mums starting to show new leaves.  My gardens are calling too.   Ah, spring.   Mother earth starts to awaken from her winter slumber.  We open our eyes to see many new possibilities before us in all things.   It's a good thing I think. 


Inspiraton found today

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The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.

Rumi ♥

January 2012 Finishing Strong

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The last two weeks of January have been very productive in my studio.   I finished one mirror last weekend and will finish one more tomorrow.   Both are under-the-sea themed pieces.   I'm thinking about the warm and sunny West Coast of Florida last year at this time.   Longing for the warm temps.    The pieces include sea turtles, starfish, interesting textures on sand bottoms with shells of many sizes and beautiful polished rocks.  The waves washing over the very tops of the mirrors combine translucent clay with variety of other shades of pearl, white, aqua, a marine bue, hand blended and run through the pasta machine for great patterns.    Today's piece included micro beads in the foamy parts of the waves and also included liquid polymer clay like a painter would use darker colors for shading.   It worked great!  I finished both with glossy Sculpey clear coats because I like the way it makes the water and everything under-the sea look really wet.