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Close Encounter with Tornado

Didn't know that I would ever come in close contact with a tornado, but here's what happened.  We were at our office at the end of a busy day with sirens wailing out a tornado warning.  I checked on the internet to see the track of the tornados (they are very accurate, I have to say).  After some time, the track appeared to be just south of our position.  I had been watching the storms out the back door of our offices so I went back out for another look and sure enough, there was a black cloud with a trailing curtain to the ground with obvious churning at the edge.  I made the grand deduction that this was the real deal and told my wife and son to get into the car and follow me in my truck as we would be heading for home at some speed.  (I did not want to wait out the storm in our office building as it is a steel and sheet-metal structure that I didn't figure would provide any protection if hit).

Now I figured since the tornado was south-west of our location and that was the way we usually head to our home that we would try heading east and then south.  We did go east about a mile and then head south on interstate 55.  We had just started south on the freeway and were merging with the traffic when a big black cloud moved over the freeway not 500 yards ahead of us with debris flying all around.  Everyone on the freeway quickly pulled over to the shoulder and stopped.  I was on the phone to my wife behind me the entire time since we left the office and I told her to stay put.  I had even considered doing a u-turn right there on the freeway and driving THE WRONG WAY back to the on ramp we had just come up.  Things got very hairy.  Debris were blowing all around us and the vehicle was rocking violently.  I was very concerned about my wife and son in the car behind me but unable to do anything.  You truly feel helpless in those instances and make quick petitions to God for safety.  As soon as the violence subsided some, I told her we were moving again and FAST.  We zipped south on the highway watching the big black cloud in the mirrors. 

Only after getting home and checking the news did I realize how close we had come and how much destruction was only 500 yards from where we waited for the tornado to pass.  Below is a map and some photos of the destruction.

The next day my son pointed out there were 7 cracks in my windshield around the edges with have progressed each day to the point that the windshield now has to be replaced.  These cracks appear to be from the pressure against the windshield and not from impact.  It's a small amount of damage considering what could have happened...

Map of Area - our location at "A"

We stopped on the shoulder of the freeway at "A" while tornado crossed about 300 yards ahead of us.  After passing our location, it destroyed warehouse building 1 and 2, then skipped right over a Walgreens store which suffered only minimal damage (it was only closed one day).  Accross the street from the Walgreens, the gas station had it's canopy ripped apart and then warehouse building 3 was demolished and about a dozen semi trailers picked up and tossed into the front of the warehouse...

Warehouse Building 1

Warehouse Building 2

Gas Station

Warehouse Building 3