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Is There Really A "Social Compact"?

Show Me The "Compact"

The case of the missing "social compact" that somehow magically gives certain men "authority" over other men.  As of this date, I have never seen this mystical document.  I have never signed this mystical document.  I have never met anyone who has.  Can you find the "social compact"??

This belief in a "social compact" is essential for men of power to maintain control over the sheeple.  Without it, there's no way they could make people believe there is a legitimate line of authority which they control.  If you maintain that there is a source of "authority" what is it?  Only our Creator can make a claim to own us or be our master.  These corrupt men who make this claim cannot show me that God has granted them a "delegation of authority" over me.  I did not voluntarily give them authority over me.  So how can they claim to have it?

Does "might make right"?  Do they gain this supposed "authority" by might?  If you believe that is the case, then you cannot claim that other "governments" are illigitimate.  They also gain their "authority" by might.  Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and all the others gained their positions by "might".  You cannot question their "authority" if you believe that "might makes right". 

Many will say that we are "governed" by "the consent of the governed".  Well, I did not give my "consent" and if there were a time when I did, I sure don't now. 

Romans 13...

Every Christian who questions the "government power" will run into those who claim that Romans 13 tells us that we must be good little citizens and obey every so called "law" they can find the time to write in a book.  I'm sorry, but I STRONGLY disagree.  The following link is what I feel a very accurate explanation of Romans 13 and how it's been so badly miss-interpreted over the years.

Before I read this article, I always questioned Romans 13 and my biggest question was the "higher powers" reference.  When you look at WHO these powers are supposed to be, it sure doesn't look like any "government" I've ever heard of.  These powers and rulers are described as "ministers of God" and a "terror to evil".  Sorry, but from my perspective, "governments" are if nothing else, EVIL. 

It is commonly taught that Romans was written by Paul.  Paul was himself a fugitive and later prisoner and convicted "felon" deserving of the death penalty (according to that "government").  How could it be that such a man would write that we should follow the evil desires and actions of people acting on behalf of a "government"?  It has never made sense to me that we should blindly follow these EVIL men (the hearts of all men are evil) and help them do EVIL deeds because they have bigger guns than everyone else.  That would mean that "might makes right" is the order of the day.