Christian Anarchy

How can one be a Christian and an Anarchist?

Now working on Ron Paul 2012 !!!

I have been neglecting to update this page, but not any longer.  It's because I found someone who understands what liberty is that I get involved in politics at all.  I really hate politics, but I love LIBERTY...  In this election cycle, I've gone one step beyond my Ron Paul truck from last time and now I introduce to you the RON PAUL CORVETTE !!

Supporting A "Fiction"?

What is my reasoning in getting involved in a presidential campaign when I don't "believe" in "government"?  It's kinda like playing the "Santa" thing with children.  The children "believe" in Santa so we play along even though we know it's not real.  Someday those children will learn or be shown that Santa is just for fun and not real.  Likewise, I "participate" in the election process because most people "believe" in this Santa called "government".  I find it less troublesome for me if those who are "believers" have a leader named Ron Paul who "believes" in smaller, less intrusive "government (kinda like Santa on a diet)...

Signs On My Truck

    Here's a picture of the custom signs I had made up for my truck.  They're magnetic and I've discovered that if you don't remove them every two weeks or so and clean under them, they leave marks in your paint...  Take a little rubbing compound to the area and then clean more often.

We Meet Ron Paul !!

Went to the Nashville October 6 Ron Paul rally and got to say hi to Dr. Paul afterwards.  It's not like we had a long discussion or anything, we just introduced ourselves and asked for a picture.  It was great to meet the man who we both support for the next president of this fictious United States...