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Past Visits To China

Fastest Train


    On our previous trip to China we went to Shanghai where I was able to ride the worlds fastest train (rode 3 times!).  This is the world's only commercial Mag-Lev train.  It is an 30 km? track running from the airport to the SE section of Shanghai.  The total trip time is under 8 minutes and the top speed at the halfway mark is 430 km/hr (about 280 mph).  When I arrived at the Shanghai airport I didn't know how we were getting to town and I asked my wife if her parents were gettin us a cab.  She told me we were going on the "fast train" and when I asked her what that was, she didn't know.  Was I ever surprised when I got to the "station" and a shinny mag-lev train pulled up.  I had never even heard of a mag-lev in China.  I had never known that there was a commercially operating mag-lev in the entire world.  Even to this date, I don't think the Chinese have a web-page or any kind of advertisement other than some billboards around Shanghai.  It's like they are trying to keep it secret.  Anyway, the cost was extremely cheap (can't remember exactly) so we got on board.  I still didn't know what I was in for as no one had told me how fast this thing goes.  
    We lugged all our luggage and boxes on board and soon the train doors closed and the train started to move silently and smoothly.  We were in the front car so I had a view of the "operator" through the window in the door.  She was a young petite gal who really never touched a control that I saw for the entire trip.  I think the entire process is fully automated and she's just there for "show".  I had my camcorder running as I figured this is something I should be capturing.  The elevated train "track" is alongside the freeway leading to the airport so as we start moving along I am watching the traffic on the freeway.  Soon we are going as fast as the cars in our direction.  Soon we are sailing past them at an ever increasing speed.  I'm starting to get a little concerned now as the train passes 250 kph and we are going at least twice the speed of the highway traffic.  I thought we must be near top speed but, no, it just keeps accelerating.  I'm getting really amazed at our speed and it's getting very difficult to see the cars on the freeway we are passing them so fast.  I look up and we're over 350 kph, 375 kph, 400 kph!!  I'm thinking "I hope this thing stays on the track" as we reach 430 and hold there for something like 20 seconds before starting to slow down again as the station at the other end is approaching quickly.  At these speeds it doesn't take long to get where you are going.  Needless to say I'm awed as we get off the train and go on our way.  
    Before leaving Shanghai, I had to go back to the mag-lev and ride it round-trip to the airport and back again just to say I'd done it.  I also got a taxi to take me and my wife to the half-way point alongside the track so I could videotape this monster flying by at 430 kph.  It's moving so fast at that half-way point that I missed it the first time by.  When I saw it coming, I didn't even have time to get my camcorder ready and it was disapearing in the distance. I had to wait another 15 minutes to catch it on it's way back to the airport but I did get it that time.  When it passes, there's almost no noise.  There's some swooshing sound, but no mechanical noise of any sort.

Chinese Security "Boy"


by christiananarchist on July 21, 2005 05:11PM (CDT)

Here's a picture of me with one of the security kids in Beijing. They are mostly poor farm boys who want jobs in the big city so they get these jobs saluting the cars as they enter and leave establishment parking lots. This kid agreed to take a picture with me as he gave his salute. Most visitors to China who see these military looking kids everywhere, believe them to be military, which they are not.

Chinese Police Cars


by christiananarchist on July 21, 2005 05:07PM (CDT)

Here are some pictures of Chinese police cars I took in Beijing. The wagon is one of the older cars being replaced by the sedan. Note there is none of the "equipment" we are so used to here like the back seat prison, shotgun, computer and the like. There is a two-way radio however.

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