Christian Anarchy

How can one be a Christian and an Anarchist?

Government Is Not Real

A common structure at law is a "fiction" at law.  A corporation is one such "fiction".  It is a non-entity that is given "status" almost equal to a real live "person".  The entity itself is, of course, not "real".  It has no "substance".  If I ask you to show me "Nike", you might point to a building or some men who claim they represent this entity, but you cannot really show me "Nike".  It only exists in the minds of those who chartered it and they have convinced millions of other men that "Nike" exists.  In this regard, it is similar to a cult.

Government Is "Fiction"

"Government" is similarly "incorporated" and is likewise a "fiction".  So there is no real "government".  It exists only in the minds of those who "believe" in it.  It is nothing more than a cult.  This "cult" has millions of "followers".  Every person who "believes" that there is a "government" is in reality a member of this "cult".  Without the "believers" there would be no mention of this fictional entity and no one would be able to acknowledge it.  All "governments" fall into this reality.  If men would stop their belief in them, they evaporate.  When I fly accross international boundaries, I look down at the earth and I try real hard to see a line on the planet designating the country limits, but I see there is nothing there.  These lines only exist in men's minds.  If men stop "believing" these lines in thier minds cease to exist. 

The "Cult" Of "Government" Is The Most Dangerous "Cult"

This "cult" is more dangerous than any other cult in the world and is evil beyond anything man has imagined.  I come to this conclusion because of the billions of dead and maimed because men mistakenly march off to war to defend this "fiction".  They are willing to die to defend thier "cult".  Men will commit atrocities that they know in their heart is evil but because of their misplaced belief in their "cult", they think they have some kind of "authority" over other men.  This is the reason we have men in black uniforms ganging together to break into another's home and shoot them dead when they defend themselves.  They think that a piece of paper they call a "warrant" signed by another man who has a mistaken belief in a "government" somehow grants them magical powers over others. 

When you think of "evil" men, who can do any great evil?  Even a "serial" killer can only kill a few dozen people before he is killed himself.  If you are one of the victims, you may disagree with me, but measured against the billions killed or hurt because of the "belief" in "government", it is minimal.  All really horrific attrocies in history have only happened because of this "cult".  Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot, Ceasar, Bush, are simply men like you or me but they have manipulated other men to do horrible things because they believe in this "cult".