Christian Anarchy

How can one be a Christian and an Anarchist?

Are "Civil" Rights From Government?

Origin of Rights.

We have to decide where rights originate from.  I (as a Christian) of course believe they come from our Creator.  He made us and He granted our rights.  If you have a problem with this then you need to determine exactly where your rights originate.  I've heard some say that rights exist simply because you are a sentient being (or human).  I find this logic flawed as it really does not have any "authority" for the origin of rights.  Even so, if that is your position, then we can agree that rights exist because of the fact that we are human (call them "human rights"). 

The term "civil rights" brings with it the understanding that our "rights" were granted to us by the "authority" of the "fictious" entity know as "government" (see my other pages on the subject of government).  Along these lines, one has to map out the line of "authority" creating these rights.  If THE PEOPLE do not have the authority to create their own rights neither can THE PEOPLE grant that non-existant authority to their "government" which they "created".  That which is created cannot be greater than that which created it...

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