Christian Anarchy

How can one be a Christian and an Anarchist?

Christian Anarchy Defined

While my beliefs differ somewhat from the link below, I do believe very closely to what is defined below.

I differ on pacificism and on eternal judgement.  I am not a strict pacifist.  I do believe in living peacefully with all men, but I also realize that sometimes one must use force to protect your family and friends (or even strangers).  As far a eternal judgement, I have come to the conclusion that the new testament reference to "hell" may be more figurative than literal.  While I do believe in some kind of suffering or at least remorse, I do not believe it will be for "eternity" (whatever that means...).

There are many who would say that my beliefs exclude me from being a "Christian".  To them I say that I believe that Jesus was the Christ, the only begotton son of God.  I believe that His death and resurrection was an atonement for our sins.  I believe that we live one life, and afterward are resurrected and live in an afterlife that we can only imagine and is a mystery.  I say this qualifies my belief system as "Christian"...

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