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My Biodiesel Project

My truck, pumping and filtering station and storage drum.

Two pumps, two whole house water filters, one "water block" filter.

I found all the info to make this fuel at

I have only been using the fuel for one week but here are my observations so far.  Cold starts are much harder on this fuel.  Smoke is greater on startup.  If temps are below 40, I probably should use the block hearter (but I haven't been).  It should start easier with the block heater.  After about 1 minute warmup, there is very little if any noticible difference in performance or smoke level.  And yes, the exhaust smells like fry oil...


I had some serious problems with this fuel.  After about two weeks, the engine started running rough and the "check engine" light came on.  I checked the error codes and found a timing sensor within the injector pump was not reporting to the computer.  After a few phone calls I found out that this "electronic" injector pump uses an internal timing wheel that is contained within the pump and within the fuel path so I am guessing that the fry oil deposited some substance on this wheel that prevented the optical sensor from reporting the timing marks to the computer.  I figured the best solution to this problem was to replace this electronic pump with an older mechanical one.  It was a big job as my truck was a "fly by wire" throttle system so there was no cable from the accelerator pedal to the engine and the computer controlled the engine and transmission together.  I had to put in a cable throttle system and a new aftermarket trans controller to take over the shifting functions.  Total cost of conversion I estimate at around $1500 plus labor (my own).  Alot of money to burn fry oil, but hey, it's an experiment...

An added advantage to this system now is that my aftermarket trans controller has a computer interface that I can connect to my laptop and program all shift points as well as it has a very cool monitor function that includes indicators for manifold pressure, engine rpm, gear indicator, trans temp, vehicle speed, torque lockup and maybe some others I missed here.  I intend to mount an old laptop under the dash with a touchscreen panel to so I can access this info at any time.

I've been running on fry oil again and so far have no problems other than a small leak on one injector that I will soon fix.  I don't see any reason to believe that this leak is because of the fry oil.

Decided to give it up ...

I've had some additional problems after running on this fuel for about three months the injectors were getting plugged up.  I tried a test of my oil to make sure that there was no buildup in there that would cause my rings to cake up (there wasn't) but I did not want to have to replace my injectors every couple of months.  I believe the problem was with my filtration system not getting all the gunk out of the used oil.  Since I changed the injectors and quit using my homebrew, the diesel prices have climbed a dollar per gallon making me think that maybe I should try again...

I am fairly certain that this fuel mix made with virgin veggie oil would work fine and if the price of veggie oil becomes comparable to diesel, I may try going with that.