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Chillin' Chinchillas Chilla Supplies

I have recently gone back to work, so I no longer run the store full-time. If interested in our products, email me at with your interests, and I will get you a total and a timeline (for the products I make) based on my current schedule.

Personalized Hay Boxes

I have designed these hay boxes to avoid several common problems I have run into over the years: chins spilling the hay, chins urinating on hay, boxes not holding enough hay, and boxes not lasting. They also include hardware in order to hang on the side of your animal's cage. They can even be customized for you. We have a variety of design templates. If you have a design theme in mind, just let us know so we can incorporate it!

Blank ~ $15.00

 Personalized ~ $19.00


Toy Boxes

I designed these toy boxes to solve the problem of chews and toys sitting on the bottom the cage getting soiled. They can be placed in the cage or include hardware to hang on the side of the cage. They can be personalized, as well!

Blank ~ $9.00

Personalized ~ $12.00

Hardware ~ $2.00



Chinchilla Beds

My chinnies love hanging around in their beds! These can be purchased blank, or personalized. They can be placed in the cage or include hardware to hang it in the cage! Wood is thick and long lasting!


Blank ~ $18.00

Personalized ~ $23.00

 Hardware ~ $2.00



These tunnels can be used in the cage or for your chin's playtime!


Small (6"W x 8"L x 6" T) ~ $12.00

Large (8"W x 10"L x 6"T) ~ $16.00

Hanging Tunnels

These tunnels include hardware (different from pictured) that make it easy to install into the side of the cage.


Small (6"W x 8"L x 6"T) ~ $16.00

Large (8"W x 10"L x 8"T) ~ $20.00


We now make ledges that are easy to hang in the cage!

Small (6" x 6") ~ $4.00

Large (8" x 8") ~ $7.00

Custom Shelving

Please let us know if you need custom shelving in your cage. We will do it for a reasonable price, all you have to do is ask!

Fresh Willow Sticks

These are fresh willow sticks that I have cut, scrubbed, boiled and baked. The chins go nuts for them!


Snack Pack (approx. 30 sticks) - $3.00

Large Pack (approx. 75 sticks) - $6.00


Tradition Pellets

Here at Chillin' Chinchillas, we have found that Tradition pellets provide a healthy balanced diet.


By the Pound - $1.50

5 lb. Bag - $7.50

10 lb. Bag - $14.00


Blue Sparkle Chinchilla Bath Dust

We have tried several bath dusts, and this is the one we have found to be the best. It is very fine, allowing it to leave a soft, sparkling clean coat.


By the Pound - $2.00

5 lb. Bag - $9.00

10 lb. Bag - $17.00


First Cut Timothy Hay

We have some great fresh first cut timothy hay.

1 lb. - $3.00

5 lb. - $12.00


 Our Bite-sized Cuttlebone Snacks that our chillas go crazy for.  They are an excellent source of calcium for all small pets. We found that placing a whole cuttlebone in the cage left the healthy treat soiled and dirty. This is the best way we have found to give the chins this delicious treat! 


Small bags- $2.00

 Large bags- $4.00

Chilla Houses/Boxes

Our Chilla Houses are made from untreated pine. They are over an inch thick! They last so much longer than those found in the pet stores.

Single- (Approx. 6" wide x 6" deep x 6" tall) - $8.00

Double- (Approx. 11" wide x 6" deep x 6" tall)-  $12.00