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Still no friends...

It's been awhile, and still no rattie friends.  I miss having rats around, but our three cats still keep us entertained, even though they're getting up there in years. 

I have been unable to find any rats in the area, either...It seems that nobody in Indiana or even nearing states is sellings rats anymore, or rehoming them, or anything!

I even checked at a couple of pet stores, and they said they don't carry rats anymore, not citing any reason.

Guess I'll just be ratless unless I get lucky.

Gone but not forgotten...

Mina, the last of my ratties, passed on today.  She was just a bit over 2 years old.

About 3 weeks ago, 3 other ratties died....Fionualla, Ronin, and Wohali. 

I'm now ratless....and looking for more ratties to help fill the void.

I'll keep you in touch as I'm sure I will find more companions soon.



Caleb...goolie boy



Babies on Day 19

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