Cheltenham Renewal

what's going on in the Catholic church in Cheltenham, England

last updated: 19-Aug 2008


19-Aug -- Praise Session
For the first time since late spring, Cheltenham Renewal is having a praise session!! See the new date listed on "Upcoming Events". God bless!

15-Sep -- CR Autumn

Ahh, things are beginning to quieten down a bit again... well, no that's obviously a lie, but with the holidays over, it's time to get together again and raise a shout to the Lord from the South West! A new date has finally been added, and there is an inordinate amount happening in Gloucestershire this Autumn, so check out our upcoming events page!


20-Jun -- CR Summer
Exams are over, the summer sun is shining occasionally, and there is a Praise Session organised for July, see Upcoming Events. The Day of Renewal in Weston-Super-Mare recently was fantastic, organised by the DST, we made some good links and are going to be put in the Diocesan Directory. If anyone would like a copy of a fabulous talk by John Vaughan-Neil, please email us.

17-May -- Pentecost Novena
Please join us in praying the Pentecost Novena. Nine days till the feast of Pentecost!

16-May -- Pentecost Praise
The Pentecost praise evening will take place at St. Thomas More's, not here. Please see 'Upcoming Events' for more details.

Hi. After a brief lull, there are two new dates in the pipeline (please see 'Upcoming Events').

God spoke to us very clearly last night when we had a session of listening and sharing. Full details of prophecies and interpretations will be sent round the mailing list ASAP (do sign up if you haven't already).

Praise & worship, listening & sharing... this Saturday 31st March. See Upcoming Events.

The evening for the music ministry will be here this Friday. The afternoon praise & listening session on the 31-Mar will also be here, not at St. Thomas More's.

We're in the national press! There was an article about Fire on the Earth on pg6 of the Catholic Herald, with a picture of Fr. Mark & Damien!

New dates added for this month. Check the 'Upcoming Events' page.

I've added a forum to the site as a little experiment. For anyone daunted by the word, a forum is not a chat room. It is like a little notice board where I can start a conversation and we can leave messages to be read by each other. To access the forum click 'Forum' on the menu, click 'Coffee Table' and then click a topic name read it, or 'Create New Topic' to start your own discussion. It replaces the guest book.

Important notice!
The praise evening has been cancelled until further notice due to a change in circumstances. Apologies.

I am hoping to put up some thoughts and comments about last weekend "Fire on the Earth". It was great. There were lots of words which will be posted soon, and early stories of great miracles having taken place in the healing service. Keep checking the site! If you were there, sign the Guestbook to tell us what you thought.

One day to go. This is to let you know about parking. Parking is limited around the church, but we have been advised that if necessary, roadside parking on the side opposite St. Thomas More's would be the best option. There are quite a few side roads nearby.

The final version of the programme is on the "Upcoming Events" page. Note that it is still subject to any and all changes by the Holy Spirit...

For the benefit of those from up North, the directions to St. Thomas More's church have been added

Praise Session
We had a great praise session tonight, very powerful praise despite the loss of Tony, Sharon and Laura to varying degrees of respective discomforts. Prophecies and updates are available by joining our mailing list, but there have been really encouraging developments in arrangements.

Fire on the Earth Announcements
Hi! I've decided to put a "news" section on the homepage so you can easily check any updates made to the site or arrangements about upcoming events. I have a few to start off...

New date for your diary. Please see Upcoming Events

Contrary to the publicity, you will not need parental consent to come to the Fire on the Earth weekend if you are over 16. There is something being sorted out about a form for if you are under 16.

We are looking for volunteers to help us during or before the weekend. ("Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me" and all that jazz). Note that you can volunteer for just one meal or break etc. Anything you can do to lend a hand would be fab (eligible to claim awesome rewards in heaven -- no scams!!).

  • Tea & Coffee (making sure there are always clean cups, preparing tea & coffee etc.)
  • Meal Time Service (serving meals)
  • Washing up (special blessings available)
  • Welcomers (to be on the door with programmes, taking donations, smiling etc.)
  • Security (anyone willing to join Shaz in a hi-viz jacket and wave cars around...)