Chary's olde roleplaying place

You're here! You should have a cookie ;)



|1. Literacy, this will be at least semi-literate or preferably more. My requirments?

Be able to write a proper sentence ><.

Write a few paragraphs for an intro. (No list intro's! Absolutely not >:( or I'll grrr... on you.)

Writers blocks are understandable, but you should still be able to write at least three lines <<.

Typos happen. Point. We all make them, I won't mind them a lot, you won't either ;).

|2. Use a kind of Ooc:// while roleplaying. Or even better set up another message besides the roleplay ^^.

I love chatting and getting to know who I roleplay with.

|3. If you're not interested anymore, tell! Don't leave me hanging =<.

I'm a busy person, so there will be times it will take several days for me to reply, don't nag me about it ><. Unless you really feel I'm unreasonable, then by all means go and tell me ;). Usually I'll have a reason and will reply later.

|4. As you might have seen, I use smilies. I love them, but don't be scared of them ;). They won't affect the roleplay itself.

|5. Chatspeak/l337, will not be allowed in the roleplay! I'll allow basic chatspeak in Ooc:// though, such as lol, brb, gtg, the basic stuff ;).

|6. I might think I sound a bit mean... but please realize this is just because of bad past experiences. I'm a really nice, fuzzy person. Most people who I roleplayed with will know ;). Give me a chance, I don't bite ^^.

|7. Please confirm you read the rules by telling me your favourite kind of cookie ;).

|8. Have fun, it's what roleplaying is for ;).

|9. <-- This is my favourite number xD.

That wasn't that hard was it ;). Hope you're still with me, if you are, feel free to enter the genre section ^^.



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