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You might have noticed I didn't mention stuff about my characters in my rules. So I'll put it here, short and sweet.

I play both genders.
I double/triple if needed or play secondary characters.
I play both straight and slash.
I don't play originals, I don't have things against them, I'm just morbidly afraid of messing them up.
I don't do auto-relationships, unless it's needed for the plot.
I doon't care what gender you play, you shouldn't either, you don't /have/ to have romance, of course we'll grab the chance if it comes ;3.

And while we're busy, here are my limits:

Violence: Zero
Romance: Nada
Cursing: Zilch

Easy, eh? While I'm not the person to easily jump into extreme stuff, I'll tolerate anything. Don't forget to tell me your limits before starting.


This was supposed to be a genre's section ;^^, so let's move to that now.

//+The long awaited genre's+\\

*'s: If you don't get this yet <<, it's how much I feel like playing it, though you'll have to beg me if there is only one star.
~: I've got a plot
(): Additional information


Full Metal Alchemist ******
Inuyasha *
.Hack ********
Megaman.exe **
Megaman **
Digimon **
Bomberman ******** (Really wanting to try this)
Harry Potter *
The Old Kingdom Series *
Eragon *
Magyck *
Neopets Anthro *****~ (It's a semi-plot really, depending which of my pets I'll use)
Neopets Quad ***

Pokémon (Pokémon gets its own catagory o0. Yes, it does ;))

(If I'm having one more illiterate, powerplaying, godmoding person in this genre, there will be deaths >>)

Pokémon Academy ************** ~
Pokémon Journey **** ~
Pokémon Exploration  ***** ~
Pokémon Research *** ~
Pokémon Mysterious stuff. ****** ~
Wild Pokémon ***** ~
A lot more Pokémon that I can't be bothered to recall.  **************** ~~~~
I got a lot of plots for these things xP.



I'll do anything fantasy, be it:

Vampire/Lycan ***
Demon/Angel ***** ~ (But nothing great)
Wizard/Mage/Witch ***** ~
Ghost/Spirit ***
Mermaid *****
Mysterious, Darkish stuff. **~
Magicky things. *********
Master/Slave ****

Pratically all other fantasy creatures as well, you can allways mix 'em up ;).

I'll do Medieval/Modern/Future Fantasy ^^.

I'm like an unending hole of fantasy plots, they come to me all times of the day (and night). So if you don't have an usuable plot, I'm likely to have one ^^. I usually come up with them on the spot xP. We can brood on plots beforehand.


Roleplay about Roleplaying, you play a character sitting behind a computer/laptop, and what she posts her feelings. Heck, you can play a noobish character who releases her frustration in a roleplay, or an ugly girl being despie/mary-sue or you can play a general nice roleplayer looking for fun ^^. **

My memory is kinda dead, I'm likely to have forgotten a whole lot o0. So feel free to suggest anything, I'll be likely to accept ^^.


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