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My name is Aloshan Dookie. I was born on the 12/06/87 I have 1 brother and 1 sister, My brew is 18 and my sissie is 23 .

My interests are Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy,Humanism, Music production , fitness and social dynamics

My favourite music artist of all time is Bob Marley{classic} and too many to name recently (Abel Tesafaye, Eligh, Twista, Tiesto, Orbital, Do or die and it goes on)} . My favourite movie is Sunshine, Watchmen, Fast N Furious, Oldboy, Memento, Dead Silence, Child Play, Moon

I am obsessed with cars , I am a car fanatic . I mean look below , she is beautiful isn't she ? My Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25T and Supra MA70.

Anyway , the main purpose of this website is for all the charous out there who need a place on the net to call home . I vyed searching the net for Charous when I first came and found nothing at all , the closest thing to Charous on the net is Lotus FM's website - . Therefore I decided to create something for the charous .

My Family Members

Alan Dookie - Father

Paroshini Dookie - Mother

Aleshia Dookie - Sister

Yashiv Dookie - Brother

My Father

I wish I could explain about my father to you . He is such a wonderful man . I know everyone says that about his father but I really mean it . His father died when he was 8 years . He had to support 4 of his siblings and one hard working mother . Imagine at 8 years being the man of the house . He used to carry heavy sacks of rice { 10 kg } and at the end of the week he came home and made his contribution towards the house . He could have easily taken 1/2 of his share out , but he didn't . Whatever little he had he gave and then gave some more . As a father he is remarkable . I try to model myself after him . even though I tell no one this I do . He is such a kind and gentle man and above all humble . I often ask myself this question . How did he become such an incredible father , even though he had no one to model himself after ? His father died when he was 8 . How? All I know is that I am grateful , and even though I don't beleive in God I thank whatever or whoever chose him to be my father . My biggest fear is what I am going to do when he passes on . I'll be broken in half , my life torn away from me , but I'll try to protect my family . The same way he did . I'll Try .

The Pillay Family

Sharon Pillay - Aunty { fathers sister }

Mike Pillay - Uncle { Aunty Sharon's husband }

Kirshia Pillay - Cousin

Kavona Pillay - Cousin

The Govender Family

Shoba Govender - Aunty { fathers sister }

Basil Govender - { Aunty Shoba's husband }

Nashlene Govender - Cousin

Lushen Govender - Cousin

The Moodley Family

8 ma - Grandma { Mothers mother }

Grandpa - Grandpa { Mothers father }

The Dookie Family

11 ma - Grandma { fathers mother }

Anil - Uncle [ fathers brother }

Radhika - Aunty { Uncle Anil's wife }

My Grandma

I suspect the way my father got to be the wonderful person that he is is through his mother . Being widowed at a young age , my grandma always had a hard life and even now its not comfortable , I no it will never be what grandma deserves . The person that grandma is , is  also amazing . I will never be able to put into words how wonderful grandma is . Everyday she gets up at 5 in the morning and starts to wash clothes and doesn't go to rest until everyone in her house is satisfied . The only income that she gets is from her grant money and even then with the little money she has , grandma byes things for her grandchildren . I will stop typing now because I fear that I might overshadow the greatness of my grandma { fathers mother }because mere words will never express how truly great she is and how we all love her .

The Dookie Family { Second Generation }

Ashay - Uncle { fathers brother }

Shohana - Aunty { Uncle Ashay's wife }

Tashin - Cousin

I wish i could tell you about the times I had with my family , mainly my cousins . All the experiences , all the things we got up to , the late nights etc . You would never beleive the things that we did . But I can't say anything because a family member or some other relative may be reading this . I have to keep my secrets with me .  

My Best Bra's

Velosin Veglin 


Kashmeel { Smella }





Greshan ( Rest In Peace My Bra , Thinking Of You Forever . ~ R.I.P GRESHAN ~ )



Hammers { Prinesen }





Serisha Mocktar

























I also wish I could tell you the things I got up to with my bra's . The things we did . It was magic . But once again I can say nothing because I might get into some serious shit . Never mind , the memories live on in my mind .

To My Bra Greshan Who Has Passed Away Pn THe 14/02/2004. Rest In Peace. Thinking Of You Forever Bra . Pour Out Some Liquor For You .

~ R.I.P. - GRESHAN ~

My Best Teachers

Mr V.L. Dookie { father }

Mr . Badripasard

Mrs . Govindsamy

Mrs . Ramcharan

Mr . Ramouthar

Mr . Ramgovin

Mrs . Maistry

Miss L . Reddy - { Lola } very very nice teacher

People often ask me why my family and I left South Africa.My father got held up , my ma was hijacked , my father's best friend was shot and killed and my uncles friend was stabbed with a knife in a game shop in Unit 11 in which he bled to death.My father took this as the "last straw" and decided to move away from all the gangster-ism and crime in S.A.Did he made the right decision?We all hope he did . We all left too much in S.A to not succeed here anyway.I do plan to come back to S.A though.I plan to study here , earn and spend the rest of my days in a 2 bedroom house in unit 11, Chatsworth. The.The exchange rate from dollars to rands averages around 10 to 1 , so by working here and taking your money to S.A will allow you to become reasonably rich.Still though I do not crave fortune , a big house and a pool.Like I said all I need is that house in Unit 11 , my family and my bras.

  Some Of My Best Songs

1 . No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley / Mesmerize - Ja Rule ft Ashanti

2 . Redemption Song - Bob Marley / Whats Love - Fat Joe ft Ashanti

3 . American Pie- Don McLean/ Leaving- Ashanti ft Ja Rule

4 . Coward Of The County - Kenny Rogers / Dilemma - Nelly ft Kelly

5 . Fast Car - Tracy Chapman / Life Goes On- Tupac

The ones on the left are some of my best classics and the ones on my right are some of my best  recent .My best recent came from the music I listened to a few months before I left South Africa . These are kind of my "memory songs" , reminding me of the good times I had .These are not necessarily what I consider the best .What I consider the best is listed down below . Every time I listen to any of these songs I get a flashback to the time I was listening to it .For example when i was listening to "Another Girl - Thamia" I was at my cousins house in Phoenix . Ahhhhh , the good times . How I wish I was back in ol' Durbz.

      The Top 5 Pop/R&B Songs

1.Lonely - Akon

2.Destiny - Malaika

3.Another Girl - Thamia

4.Southside - Lloyd feat Ashanti

5.Whistle Song - ???

6.Differences - Ginuwine

7.Leaving - Ashanti ft Ja Rule

8.Whats Luv - Fat Joe ft Ashanti

9.Baby Boy - Snoop ft Tyrese

10.To The Homies We Lost - R.Kelly ft Boo & Gotti

         The Top 5 Rap Songs

1.Hit Em Up - 2Pac

2.Still Ballin - Outlawz

3.Life Goes On - 2Pac

4.Changes - 2Pac

5.Made Niggaz - 2Pac ft Outlawz

         The Top 5 Reggae Songs

1.No Women No Cry - Bob Marley

2.Red Red Wine - U.B 40

3.Redemption Song - Bob Marley

4.Is This Love - Bob Marley

5.One Love - Bob Marley

It would be wise to get hold of any of these songs (especially the rap ones) and keep them on a c.d , because these are truly works of art.I Dedicate "To The Homies We Lost(I Wish Remix ) - R.Kelly" To Greshan Rajpaul. R.I.P .

My Best Websites

1 . { my site ! }

2 .

3 .

4 .

5 .

My Best Cars

1 . Skyline R34 V-Spec GTR 99'

2 . Skyline R33 GTR

3 . Skyline Supra JZA80

4 . Supra JZA70

5 . Skyline R33 GTST

That's about me , the charou behind the graph . My mail address is so if I missed anything charou out - the slangs etc , mail me and tell me .

To all the ous and stekkies who wanna sign my guestbook go ahead!But remember I only accept positive criticism . Don't like my website ?Heres a thought - DONT GO TO IT . GO AWAY , YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.And seems to be that the people that have bad things to say about my website don't leave their e-mail address or their name . Maybe , just maybe they are shit scared cowards that say something and just leave , leaving no trace of their cowardice except their "o so witty remarks" .I am receiving alot of feedback for this website and I try and reply to eveyones e-mail , but there is ALOT. So if I dont reply dont be discouraged-I'm not a bad ou , I'm just short of time.Anyway lucker outies and stekkies thanks for making everyone aware of the site

Till Then.

Meet Up In Da Timingz


To My Bra Greshan Who Passed Away On 14/02/04. Rest In Peace. Thinking Of You Forever Bra .












|  Aloshan Dookie 2004