____________________________________________________________                                                             19th of December, 2015                                                            May all your dreams come true  ____________________________________________________________________________


                                                                 19th of December 2014____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


____________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                               19th of December, 2012P.S. I am still planning to update this site someday. Just that finding the time to do it is tough these days! Sometime next year for sure though! D.S.


                                                                                                          30th of June, 2012

Hey everyone!

This is just a little note to let you all know that I'm still planning to update this site. It's just that I'm still so busy with other things. But I think that at the latest it will be in early September when you'll be able to see a whole new look for the site & a whole bunch of new covers!
 'Til then; have a continued great summer!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Take care & Bless'ed Be,


                                                                                                        31st of March, 2011

Hello everyone!
Hope you're all doing fine.

Sorry for the long silence; I am extremely busy these days with diffrent things, and updates gets harder and harder to come by. For those of you who are interested though; Alyssa is currently on the cover of "Living Green Today" that can be found on eBay. My copy will probably be within my next update. 

I couldn't believe my eyes this Monday when I saw that my best male friend Nick in the USA had sent me a surprise parcel, and had included his only copy of the "Series Mania"-cover on "Melrose Place" from 1999! Just a few days earlier I had found the "TV8" from my searchlist too on French eBay also from her "Melrose Place"-days, and received it today! What a rare update to make!! I also changed the first picture of my searchlist of course; deleted those 2 and added two others. Yup, it's a lot of work; but still so much fun after all this time.

And Nick? That "Series Mania" -which I can never thank you enough for- now represents that whole gallery! I will never, ever forget your selfless act; and I hope it will come back to you somehow and that it will make you just as happy as you've made me; I didn't think that I'd ever find a copy for myself! We've been friends for 9 years now; and I am so happy and so honoured to have you in my life! May our friendship never end!!

And I also have to make a shout out to Alyssa whom I've known for a while now is pregnant with her first child! I am SO happy for you girl; I know how long you've been wanting a family of your own! I'm also so happy that you were able to start one with such a wonderful man as David! I hope your baby boy will have a safe arrival to this world; bless'ed be! You'll both make wonderful parents; I'm sure! I hope that I will be able to find neverending love like that too someday!

Well, that's all from me for today. Until next time everyone; stay safe, be happy & never forget to give a little kindness...

                                                                                                                                                  Love always, Ann


                                                                                                    10th of February, 2011

Latest Update: The Chinese "World Screen", Nr. 7 1992 to the "Who's The Boss?-era 2" and "Télé Poche" Nr. 1684, 18th of May 1998 to the "Melrose Place"-gallery. 


                                                                                                                                       December 31st, 2010

               Happy New Year everyone !

♥ I hope 2011 will bring you lot's of joy, warmth and love from all you hold dear, and that it will be a year filled with success too!  ♥

I'd also like this oppertunity to thank everyone who helped me with my website during 2011; especially Germán for helping me get all those rare Chinese ones when I couldn't afford it myself; you're a true star!

I'd also like to thank Alyssa of course for continuing to inspire me to be the best that I can be! I am so happy that your "Clean Water"-campaign for your birthday was a success once again! And I'm also happy that I was able to donate a little to it. I hope that I'll have a job by next year so I can donate a lot more! You're truly a living angel for all that you do: not only for mankind, but for animals too!
I can't say this enough: if more people were like you the world would be such a better place!

                                                                                                     Take care & many New Year's hugs, Ann 


                                                                                                     December 19th, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA !!! Hope you'll have a wonderful day with your loved ones; bless'ed be!  

For those of you who's not unemployed like me and is able to; please donate to her "Clean Water Campaign" for her birthday at! It's a pitty that PayPal isn't an option though; would've been easier for me. However I will try to donate in a few days when I have gotten my unemployment support again. I hope you will be able to reach your goal this year too Alyssa! You're just so beautiful both inside and out!! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Today I also added the "Serial"-cover on Alyssa, Nr.26 2006 from Russia to the  "Charmed-era (solo) 5"-gallery.

                                                                                             Love always & many birthday hugs, Ann

                                                                                               28th of September, 2010

Latest Update: The German "Funk Uhr", nr. 20 1998 added to the "Melrose Place"-gallery; a special thanx to Germán again for that one - you're a true star!

Please also visit Better U Foundation to read and spread awareness about SRI (System Of Rice Intensification) to help fight world hunger! Thank you! ✿☼


                                                                                                13th of September, 2010

Latest Update: The Chinese magazine covers "Movie World" nr. 3 from 1998 & "Film Pictorial" nr. 8 2001 has been added to the 2nd "Who's The Boss?"-gallery.  The last mentioned one I wanna thank Germán again for - it's so awesome!

Thanx to Germán I've also added a whole new gallery! He has started to buy the comic-version of "Charmed" for me, published in Canada by Zenescope Entertainment Inc.      ( ). I am very keen on this magazine I have to say. I loved "Charmed" so much when it aired, so it's fun to be able to read something new concerning that show + some of the artwork looks totally amazing! Thank you so much again for these Germán - you're a star! ____________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                     15th of August, 2010

                                                      May your love last forever 

                                                                             My gift to you: 




                                                                                                            4th of July, 2010
Happy 4th of July everyone!

To celebrate I thought that I could add the only cover that I have so far on "Romantically Challenged"; "TV World" which I found on eBay.  As I doubt that I'll get many from it at all (due to the cancellation of it) I just added it to the "Post Charmed-era"-gallery.

                                                                                                                          Take Care & Bless'ed Be, Ann


                                                                                                           5th of June, 2010
Hi everyone!
Hope you've all had a great start of the summer!

It was no fun to find out a while ago that Alyssa's sitcom "Romantically Challenged" had been cancelled, but it is still exciting to see what her next project is gonna be instead! One thing is for sure; it's gonna be great! 

The latest update to my site is 3 new Chinese magazines to the "Who's The Boss?"-gallery;
"Pop TV", "Contemporary Cinema" & "World Screen" that I recieved this week. Yet another HUGE special thanx to Germán for those!

As it's also closing in to Alyssa & David's1 year anniversary (15th of August) I also wanted to give the site a whole new look! Hope you all like it, and I also hope that I'll be able to start & finish my gift to them by then as well!
                                                                                                                          Take Care & Bless'ed Be, Ann


                                                                                                           9th of April, 2010

Latest Update: "Micro Dingo" to the "Melrose Place"-era gallery; thanx SO much for your help again with that one Mélanie (France); it's awesome being able to add a 40th cover to it!  And "People Weekly" from South Africa (Nr. 37 2009) with such a lovely wedding photo on Alyssa & David which I wanna thank Peggy in Belgium for; I love it !!!


                                                                                                                                           February 24h, 2010

Latest Update:
Added 2 new Chinese covers to the "Who's The Boss?-era 1"-gallery; thanx so much again Germán for your help with those! @};---


                                                                                                                                 January 26th, 2010

Let's ALL donate what we can & help the people in Haiti! No matter how much you have as an income you can help out without feeling bad or embarrassed ('cause you aren't able to give more); . And you can also donate to Jim Carrey's "Better U Foundation" at .


                                                                                                        January 17th, 2010
Hello everyone!
Hope you've had a great start of the new year.

Now I'm finally finished with putting up all the covers on Alyssa that I know of.
With the ones from my searchlist as well it's a little over 750 covers worldwide. I do know that there's been a French DVD+magazine release of "Charmed" (3 episodes in each), but as I don't have all of those issues I don't want to scan them as there's no fun in adding incomplete stuff to my website. So what I'm hoping now for this site is that you other fans out there wanna send in your contributions to me, if you know of any other covers (or "TV Guide"-advertisments) that I don't know of yet! I'd love to get your help as well to show Alyssa just how loved and appreciated she is around the world! Can't thank you enough if you wanna help me with that!
                                                                                       Take care & Bless'ed be, Ann 


                                                                                                          January 1st, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE; may all of your dreams for 2010 come true!

                                                                                                                                                  Bless'ed Be, Ann 


                                                                                                     December 28th, 2009

Today I received  the Chinese coverfeatures "Film Stories Monthly" from 1990 & "Film Pictorial" from 1989 that Germán so kindly helped me get! Words can't express my gratitude enough for that - they're just so stunning and fits so nicely into my collection!
I still have several other covers to scan (mostly special magazines only about "Charmed"), so please do still come back regularly for updates! Thanx!


                                                                                                     December 24th, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU ! Have a wonderful time with your families & bless'ed be!

                                                                                                                                          Love Always, Ann

                                                                                              December, 19th, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA !!! Hope you're having a wonderful day with your loved ones & may all your dreams come true! And congrats for succeeding with your "My Charity: Water"-campaign !!! If more people were like you the world would be a much, much better place !!! @>---

                                                                                                                                       Love always, Ann