If you haven't dropped a visit yet to Alyssa's official website, why not do it now? It's really cool:

And here are some of my favourite websites with Alyssa made by other fans: 

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Here are my other websites on dedicated to my favorite singers;

Cover Me P!NK



And here's some of my other favourite websites: or My favourite movie actor. He's simply amazing! Plus it's so much fun that Alyssa follows him on Twitter too! ^_^ Now where would "Charmed" have been without the magnificent Cole? :p Julian will always be my favourite TV actor, but I hope he'll make more movies soon too! ;)


My twinsister's extraordinary Destiny's Child-website:

As well as her Norah Jones-site;


Also please make sure to visit my friend Sanne's awesome Madonna-site:

and my friend Jennifer's wonderful Christina Applegate-site: