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Reply Wayne Brake
11:22 PM on November 9, 2017 
I know I ain't the only Alyssa Milano Fan out there, But I am in my opinion one of the top 10 anyway. I have watched Charmed, Who's The Boss (all The episodes) and I even have started buying them as well. I am the guy who told you about the websites that had Nude Photos of you on their web site, one was Burnt Toast, I wanna say and I ain't for sure about the other One. but I seen them and wanted to give you a Heads Up on them so you could get them taken Down. I don't know if you will remember me or not cause it has been so long ago. but either way I wanted to sign the guest Book just the same.
Reply Anita
3:55 PM on March 15, 2010 
Hi Ann! Congrats on your new website - good job! I wish you a lot of luck and patience with its expansion and further scanning :-)
Reply zipzu
12:36 PM on January 1, 2010 
Hi! Now your link is on my page too. :) Happy new year!
Reply Zipzu
3:59 PM on December 29, 2009 
Hi! I'll link your site! It's nice to have more Alyssa sites in my links. :) I'll ad you in my next update to :)
Reply Fabienne
8:38 AM on November 25, 2009 
HellOooo dear ANN,

In my male cousin' s mind MARIO, Alyssa MILANO will mostly remain as Samantha MICELLI and I share his point of you. He was FOND OF " Who' s the Boss ? " and I was fond of Alyssa mainly ! Ur daily updated website is a bliss for my soul & my eyes,( remember the eye of SAM in the first episode of that sit-co? she 'd fought ! ) l ! Love, fabienne de ... FRANCE !
Reply Joanna
2:11 PM on November 24, 2009 
Hey Ann, well done on the website, it looks great!! Good luck and always have fun with it :-)
Love, Joanna.
Reply Nick
2:38 AM on November 21, 2009 
Wow Ann, it looks terrific, congrats on getting it up and running! I can't wait to see how much is progresses in the future with all of your magazine covers. It's so nice to see it up now, you've done such a great job! I'll be sure to check up on it often. All the best!

Your friend always,
Reply Sanne
10:50 AM on November 19, 2009 
Hi dearest Ann!

Congratulations for making your dream come true after all these years of making a Alyssa-website!! it looks awesome! I can't wait to see all the covers you have in your collection, this is gonna be the biggest Alyssa fansite out there. Keep up the good work! :)

Lots of love,
Reply Fabienne
12:28 PM on November 16, 2009 
Hi dearest ANN !
Such a tremendous " work " linked to passion should deserve to be seen by the charming Alyssa MILANO, all the more since, she has no idea how many years you' ve such a constant and sincere admirer of her ! Even though I' ve been moved by your " ThanX ", I shall admit that your website about the talented & pretty actress of " Who' s the boss ? " is undeniably, honestly : SIMPLY the BEST, better than the other ones... Truly ! I am fond of ALL your covers, and I do admire your passion for this outstanding actress & singer ! I will keep on following your website ! ANN : congratulations from the bottom of my heart !
Fabienne de FRANCE
Reply Tanusree Nath
4:32 AM on November 16, 2009 
ur website is awesome ann
Reply Sofia
2:30 PM on November 15, 2009 
Hi sis!
AWESOME work! LOADS and LOADS to go though...LOL!! It's so GREAT to be able to see the launch and growth of this site! You've been working on it (off-line) collecting and scanning for so many years now! Can't hardly wait to follow in your footsteps and do DestinyCovered!!
Really, awesome work, hope Lizzie will see it someday! I know she'll love the website as much as me if not more!
Reply Tessa
5:59 AM on November 15, 2009 
Niiiice ;) Love it!
Reply charmedspell1
6:21 AM on November 14, 2009 
Please feel free to post a comment here and let me know what you think about my website; thanx! ;)