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Frequently Asked Questions

Character Special Abilities FAQs

Q) Since Salty chooses between cane attack and thievery, if Salty has drawn Zombis to fight, how do we deal with the thievery? Does he have to exchange an attack on a Zombi for a thievery attack (i.e. take extra damage while he's trying to rob others), or can he wait till all the Zombis are dead, and then attempt the thievery roll against another player?

A) He must forfeit his chance to make an attack if he chooses to try to steal an item. Therefore, he must be in a position to be able to make an attack in the first place. So is all Zombis are dead, he wouldn't be in a position to make an attack, and so cannot try to steal.

Q) Can Angel attack another human player, or does she have to attack an additional Zombi player?

A) Angel can only attack another Zombi. However, if you are using the Rise of The Creator expansion and you draw the 'Homicidal Characters' Virus, Angel can attack Characters as instructed on that card since her ability is against another 'Target' and not an 'Enemy', as explained on the Virus card.

Q) If I use Professor Mort‘s rage injection, does the Zombi immediately attack the character of my choice? If I send the 'raged' enemy against a human player, do they immediately fight it to the death, or does the 'raged' enemy wait for the human character's turn, and then jump them as a fourth card? Can the raged enemy be escaped by the human character if they have the speed, or do they definitely have to fight them?

A) If the Rage Injection is successful, the player chooses either a Character or an Enemy (a Zombi) for the Injected Zombi to attack. The injected Zombi then uses all of its attacks on the selected target and is then discarded. This attack is automatic.

Q) Does the alternate attack for Father Spinelli called Hypnotic Umbrella mean that all combat during the turn would be fought by another character?

A) Yes. For the remainder of Father Spinelli's turn, the affected player does all the fighting for him (all decisions are made by the affected player, not by Father Spinelli) and receives any and all Hits. All Zombis that are killed are awarded to Father Spinelli. When all the Zombis are defeated (or if the affected player is turned into a Zombi), the affected player is then freed from Spinelli's power.

Q) Dr. Carver's chainsaw swipe. If he rolls and it can kill one of the two, but can't kill the other, does it still kill the one?

A) Yes

Q) Jeff the Intern's Zombi Insight. I just don't plain get at all -_-

A) For example, if Jeff were fighting a Rage, rather than using his own lame Punch attack, he could choose to use ONE of the Rage's own attacks against itself. Therefore, Jeff would have one +2 attack against the Rage.

Q) Lily's Zombi Treat. If she lays out 3, and wins the battle with, let's say, 2 of them left, are they returned to her Zombi card pile? Or are they discarded?

A) They are returned to her Zombi card pile

Q) Loonie's Psychotic Episode. If it's used, and he rolls either a double 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, everything dies? So, just roll a double that ISN'T a six? Assuming 'aces' are sixes.

A) If he rolls double 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's or 6's everything is killed

Q) Bud the Great's 'Mirage' ability. What if, someone such as, the Creator rolls a 7. Now, it is not strong enough to hit either of them, but is the +2 from the Creator's attack affect himself? Pretty much even if they miss with the attack bonus, is the attack bonus still applied?

A) Yes, the +2 makes the roll a 9, which is enough to hit The Creator's own Protection.


Q) Loretta’s (Heroes of Chaos Isle) telekinesis ability states "can hurl top card of Equipment deck at any one target, including Characters." Does this include Zombi Characters?

A) No. Zombi Characters cannot be targeted.


Zombi FAQs

Q) How do the Exterminator Zombis work in the solo mission game style?

A) When playing the solo mission, stack your collected enemies. The top one gets attacked first, then the next one, and the next and so on until they are all destroyed then the Exterminator Zombi can attack your character.

Q) How does Coiler's Acid Spit attack work in the solo mission game style?

A) The equipment card that is located furthest from the Character on the table is the one that is destroyed.

Q) Coiler –

a)       Is it 1 sting OR 1 acid spit, or 1 sting AND 1 acid spit?

b)       If it is 1 sting AND 1 acid spit, in order to do the Fate, do both need to hit for that too?

c)       Is the acid spit applied like a normal attack? Like do they need to roll their Protection or higher to use it?

A) Coiler's Acid Spit. Same as answer #4. The Coiler needs to hit its target's Protection in order to succeed. The coiler's Acid Spit has nothing to do with Fate.

Q) Can you only get 1 resource from the Zombi you killed, or all of the ones listed?

A) You get everything the Zombi has listed.

Q) Exterminator - When he attacks, the target is chosen randomly by the person who controls the exterminator, and in order to kill it, s/he must roll the Zombi card's protection (-2)?

A) Yes

Q) If a Zombi has multiple attacks listed (eg Stalker, one bite and two claws) does it get to attack multiple times per round? And are the attacks generic or is a "bite" somehow different from a "claw" attack? (there is no further information on the Stalker card)?

A) It gets multiple attacks per round, it sucks to be slow! 'Bite' and 'Claw' are merely for flavor.

Q) If a Zombi has multiple attacks, is one roll made for each type of attack, or is one attack selected?

A) One roll is made for each type of attack. Zombis can attack only 1 target.

Q) If a character is hit by a paralysis attack, do we assume that paralysis makes the player's turn end immediately (discarding all Zombis), and they also miss their next go?

A) The Creator's Brain Blast attack and the Slithering Carcass's Paralysis attack only cause the character to lose their Battle Turn (i.e. when it is time for the character to attack the character cannot do so, but can on their next battle turn, after the Zombis have attacked again). In the case of Rex Jarvis, the player's turn is suspended exactly as it stands and play passes on to the next player. Once play passes back to the player that is facing Rex, play resumes for that player exactly as it left off.

Zombi Characters FAQs


Q) What happens when a Zombi Character is killed?

A) A Zombi Character cannot be killed since he is never attacked

Q) If I'm playing a two-player Single Mission and one player is killed off early on, that player will then become a Zombi Character, if they manage to kill the surviving Character the game will end immediately, a victory to the Zombi Character (since they'll have the most character kills), is that correct?

A) Yes.

Q) Once a player becomes a Zombi Character, is there any way they can be hurt or are they then invulnerable?

A) Zombi Characters cannot be targeted. ON the Zombi Character's turn he makes the full number of attacks allowed by that Zombi for 1 Battle Turn and then play passes to the next player.

Missions FAQs


Q) 'Make S.O.S. Signal' Now the "5 other Zombi cards" can be ANY other 5, regardless of doubles, etc.?

A) Yes

Q) Create Super Zombi - Meaning you need to kill like a Feeder, a Stalker, Corpsemare, etc, 'til you have 7 different guys?

A) Yes

Q) Gather Lab Specimens - Like a (Feeder,Feeder) (Stalker,Stalker), etc, just 4 pairs?

A) Correct. However, if you have, for example, 4 Feeders, it counts as 2 pairs.

Equipment items FAQs


Q) How long does the Mind Control Serum last for?

A) When an equipment card says that it lasts for one battle, is that one battle phase, or just the entire time you're in comb at for that turn? For example, the Perk Pills "+2 to Attack during a single battle." Or for the Chi Tobacco "Double number of Character's attacks during a single battle."

Q) When an equipment card says that it lasts for one battle, is that one battle phase, or just the entire time you're in comb at for that turn? For example, the Perk Pills "+2 to Attack during a single battle." Or for the Chi Tobacco "Double number of Character's attacks during a single battle."

A) 'One Battle Turn' is the entire time you are in combat until your turn has ended and passes on to the next player.

Q) Stalker Limb (Equipment card), yet another card, I just don't understand. It HELPS the enemy Zombis?! And do you gain the +1 at all, or is it just on the Zombis? And it can be used on any character? Gah, confusing to me.

A) Ah, the Stalker Limb. So much fun! It can do 3 things:

·         it can be used as a +1 weapon like normal

·         it gives an additional +1 to any Zombi Character that has it (for example, if you were killed and turned into a Rage, instead of having two +2 attacks, you would now have two +3 attacks)

·         once per turn, instead of making an attack on a zombi, you can use it as a +1 weapon to attack another player's character

(HINT: to knock someone completely out for the rest of the hand, if they have 1 Hit left use the Stalker Limb on them!)

Q) Molotov Cocktail, These 3 targets HAVE to be Characters? And do they keep roling until they succeed on their Fate Roll? And if someone dies with that in their inventory, they can still use it?

A) Any 3 targets, including characters (for example, you could use it on 2 characters). Fate rolls are only rolled once. If a character becomes a Zombi character, they can still use it.

Fate FAQs

Q) For using the fate, the one having the Fate used on rolls the dice, and they try to roll above or equal to their own, right?

A) Half correct. They make the roll, yes. But they need to roll under their Fate in order to be successful in stopping whatever effect is being used on them. For example, if The Creator is using his Brain Blast on Salty, it is Salty that must roll his (Uncle Checker's) Fate. If he rolls under his Fate, the Brain Blast Fails.

Q) Is the Brain Blast the Creators Fate?

A) No. If The Creator is using his Brain Blast on Maya, it is Maya that must roll her Fate. If she rolls under her Fate, the Brain Blast Fails.

Q) Can the Fate only be used if all attacks are successful? Ex: The Creator, if both attacks don't hit, can he still use his Fate?

A) No. Fate is an additional attack, regardless if the other attacks were successful or not.

Q) If a Zombi has a fate ability, is the fate roll only made if the creature successfully hits the human player, or is fate rolled irrespective of whether they hit?

A) Only if they hit, with the exception that The Creator's Brain Blast attack and Noxx's Corrosive Ray attack are not attacks that roll to hit, rather they are automatic attacks that require a Fate roll to be made by the player.

Q) If the enemy forces you to make a Fate roll against your life, is life assumed to be the amount of life you have now (you will have lost life through the game), or is it against the amount of life you started the game with?

A) The amount of Life you started the game with.

Miscellaneous Game Play FAQs


Q) How can I get rid of cards I don’t want or need?

A) At the end of your turn you can discard as many cards as you like. In fact, if you have more than 10 cards (between your Equipment and captured Enemy cards) you MUST discard down to the limit of 10. Drop cards you don't need for your Mission, or just ones that irritate you.

Q) What exactly is involved in the ending of a hand?

A) A hand is officially over when either:

·         A player fulfills the requirements of his Mission card

·         Every player is killed

When the hand is over, all cards in play of any kind are discarded, all discard piles are shuffled back into their respective decks, and each player is randomly dealt a new Character, Mission, and pair of Equipment cards.

Q) In order to play any of the game styles listed in the expansion set rules, do you have to include the cards from the expansion set?

A) Yes and no. The only game style that absolutely requires the expansion set cards is Extermination, because you need to have the Exterminator Zombis.

Q) Do you have to survive the turn to win?

A) Yes.

Q) If the speeds of both Zombi and the player are equal, is combat simultaneous?

A) No. If the speeds are the same, the player goes first, unless the Track Star virus (Rise of the Creator expansion) is in place, in which the Zombis go first.

Q) So at the start of a player's turn, they draw 3 enemy cards from the fresh or discard pile. Lets say they draw three Zombis. If the player chooses to, can they immediately discard all the Zombis they are faster than, before the Zombis can attack, and before the player attacks? Could the player choose to escape all the Zombis if they wanted to?

A) Yes. The decision as to what to do with the cards after they have been drawn must take place before anything else happens. You can discard any Zombis you are faster than, even all of them.

Q) If you look at the top three cards on the discard pile, and the Zombi you wish to attack is second from top, do you have to also draw the top-most Zombi as one of your three to get at it?

A) Yes

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