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Madonna making ‘Make Love Pact’

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reportedly signed a love pact after visiting therapist Tricia Barnes over the New Year (2007) to save their marriage.

The pop queen and her director husband, who married in December 2000, have reportedly pledged to spend as much time as possible with celebrity baby Madonna’s 10-year-old daughter Lourdes, their six-year-old son Rocco and their 17-month-old adopted son David.

The couple have also agreed to suspend solo projects which affect the whole family and to search for a larger home in New York City - according to media reports.

A close friend of the celebrity couple tells British newspaper The People, “They have both worked really hard at their marriage issues and come to a new understanding. They have each accepted their own part in the problems they had been experiencing and are determined not to let anything come between them again.


Celebrity Pamela Anderson's New Love

Pamela Anderson has hinted that her ex, Kid Rock, is a bit self obsessed.Writing in her online diary, the busty blonde celebrity said she needs someone who shares her way of thinking about life.In her first entry for the new year, Pam said: 'As for new love - I need a man with interests outside of him self - someone with similar beliefs.'

She added that this 'would be sexy'.The busty boobs celebrity also referred to Chuck Zito, the former Hell's Angel who she has been linked to since her split from Rock.Pam referred to having had 'a hard month' and said that is why she has been spending so much time with Zito, her 'friend of 15 years'.The difficult time could have something to do with the 'rock star scorned' she also mentions on her blog.Rock celebrity Kid lashed out at Pam's first hubby, Tommy Lee, while celebrating New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

A Page Six source said the singer 'got all riled up' when he heard Pam may be getting back together with the dad of her two sons.He then went over to what he thought was Tommy's hotel door and allegedly started kicking it, only to find a 'startled family' on the other side.The insider added that Tommy has been calling Kid and taunting him about his break-up with Pam, which led to the rocker becoming enraged and storming to the hotel where the Motley Crue drummer was staying.Tommy's rep said the star is 'aware that this incident occurred, but wasn't at the time as he was staying on another floor'.

Ricky Martin's signed Vaio laptop

You can own Ricky Martin's signed Vaio laptop. And well, if it's true what they say about old hard drives — that nothing on them is ever truly erased — who knows what the lucky winner of the celebrity might dig up.

road.jpg Boy George and Little Britain's David Walliams had a bit of a catfight on Channel 4 when George asked Walliams about his co-star Matt Lucas' wedding. Said Walliams: "Very nice thank you. It was great you weren't there." Apparently there's some bad blood between the two of them. According to comedian Russell Brand, who was also on the show, "Boy George thinks that Matt Lucas isn't a good example of homosexuality." Explained Walliams later: "There's a background to this. I wouldn't be mean for the sake of it."

Celebrities Stars This Year

Celebrity Kate Winslet knew exactly what she wanted from her husband Sam Mendes. “I want the full range of Jamie Oliver kitchen wear—it’s new,” she enthused. “I’ve just never had a full set of anything before. I just really would love to have it, because it looks so brilliant and so practical and the kind of thing you would always have.”

“I’ve done pretty well this year, so I don’t really need anything,” said George Clooney, who’s pretty satisfied with the presents he’s already received—including an Academy Award. He’s just looking forward to some time off. “I’m going do a little traveling and come back in time for Christmas.”

“We’re just gonna kick it, just chill,” said Jada Pinkett Smith of her holiday plans with husband Will Smith and their kids. “Hopefully we’ll go on vacation somewhere, get snowed in and get some peace and quiet. That’s what I want for the holidays: peace and quiet.”

Sex Celebrity Pamela's Love Blunder

Ah, who knew that when celebrity Pamela Anderson wed Kid Rock on a yacht in St Tropez this summer, 16 weeks later they'd be filing for divorce? Not us! Still, we all get a little silly when Cupid's arrow strikes... although not as silly as celebrities, obviously. From ill-advised sex tapes to overly hasty marriages, see which stars made our rundown of the biggest - and most public -romantic mistakes ever.

Celebrities Brad and Angelina are planning more kids

Angelina Jolie says she is grateful for her life, but that she is planning to add a lot to it.The actress, who is currently promoting her latest film 'The Good Shepherd', said she realises she is 'very, very lucky'.'I love working abroad and I love being with my kids and I love being with Brad,' she said of her and male celebrity Brad Pitt's enviable life.

She also divulged that she has plans to add 'many more children and many more obstacles and many more things' to her life.Hot celebrity Angelina has a lot going on already apart from being a movie star and a mum-of-three, she is also a UN ambassador and supporter of various charities around the world.However, her kids remain her first priority. When asked whether she and Brad would ever team up to film a movie together again like they did for 'Mr and Mrs Smith', Angelina laughed and asked: 'Who's going to watch the children?'The pair have three kids together: Maddox, five, Zahara, who is celebrating her second birthday next month, and six-month-old Shiloh.

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Hot Celebrity News : X-tina's gift to Britney's Sons

Christina Aguilera has been Christmas shopping for Britney Spears' two sons.The one-time rivals have buried the hatchet as the "Beautiful" singer called Nina Takesh, co-owner of hip Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, to order presents for Sean Preston and Jayden James.According to US People magazine Christina told Takesh: "I want to give them something adorable for the colder weather."The "Dirrty" singer – who is currently on tour in Europe – chose two blue cashmere schoolboy sweaters for $129 each.Today's hot celebrity also called Takesh for advice on what to get the boys for Christmas.

The "Toxic" singer asked for, "something matching and playful" and chose two Kaloo chairs, shaped like teddy bears, for $85 each.
Last week Britney apologized to her fans for her recent run of flashing and wild partying since she filed for divorce from Kevin Federline.
The 25-year-old mother-of-two admitted she may have gone too far after being caught not wearing underwear on four separate occasions.
In a statement on her official website, Britney said: "I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria's Secrets new underwear line!""I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me. I'm just getting started!"

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