Cedar Hills Campground

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                                 Policies and Guidelines

Please help us to keep The Cedar Hills experience respectful, safe and enjoyable for everyone in our marvelous and vibrant community!

Personal Safety

  • The safety and welfare of everyone in the Cedar Hills community are our top priorities.
  • Cedar Hills Campground assumes no responsibility for injury or accident to seasonal residents, overnight campers, visitors, guests, or anyone else on Cedar Hills Property.
  • Adult caretakers are responsible for their outher at all times.


  • In any emergency situation, please call 911, and then contact Cedar Hills management at (608) 795-2606.
  • For non-emergency situations requiring the assistance of local law enforcement, please call the Mazomanie police department at (608) 255-2345, and then contact Cedar Hills management at (608) 795-2606. 


*Please note that in making a reservation, overnight campers reserve a specific type of campsite rather than a specific campsite itself. Reservations for specific sites are not guaranteed and will not be held without advance payment for the entire stay.

Upon Arriving at Cedar Hills Campground:

  • Seasonal residents, overnight campers, visitors, day guests and overnight guests must register at the office upon arrival at Cedar Hills Campground before proceeding to any other part of the property.
  • Passes must be displayed in vehicle window. This applies to campers, visitors, and guests. Seasonal residents may be required to display window passes as requested.
  • Check-in time is 11 a.m.  We may be able to accommodate an earlier check-in time upon request.
  • Check-out time is 11 A.M. We may be able to accommodate a later check-out time upon request.
  • Camping is restricted to designated sites only.
  • Only one RV/Camper is allowed per designated campsite unless otherwise approved by management.
  • Day visitor's and/or overnight guest's fees will be applied according to the rates in effect at the time of the visit. Rates are listed on the Cedar Hills website.
  • Day visitors must depart the campground by  9 p.m. unless otherwise approved by management
  • Any assistance provided in setting up campsite or related equipment will only be provided at the convenience of campground and Cedar Hills does not assume responsibility for damage to any personal property.


  • Pets must be leashed and kept under control.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended while campers are away from the campground.
  • Campers must clean up after their pets.
  • No Pit-bulls, Rottweilers, or other dangerous breeds are allowed in the campground.
  • Pets must be controlled and quiet at all times.


The following policies and guidelines apply any type of motorized or powered vehicles or bike on campground property.  Violators will be brought to the attention of Cedar Hills Management and local authorities:

  • All terrain vehicles are not allowed on Cedar Hills property.
  • Please obey the posted speed limit. 
  • Vehicles should be parked in designated areas only.
  • One vehicle is allowed per campsite unless other arrangements have been approved by Cedar Hills Management. An additional fee of $5.00 per additional vehicle will be assessed

At your campsite

  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Firearms and other weapons are not allowed on Cedar Hills property.*
  • Any firewood used on Cedar Hills property must be purchased from Cedar Hills Campground unless otherwise approved by management.
  • Please respect the natural environment and do not cut live trees. Only dead and down wood may be collected from the forest floor.
  • Excessive storage of firewood is not allowed on any site.
  • Fires are only allowed in designated fire rings only.
  • Fires will not be left unattended.
  • Please extinguish fires when retiring for the night or when leaving your campsite for an extended period of time.
  • Burning of plastic, cans, bottles, cans or food garbage is prohibited. Paper and cardboard are allowed.
  • Overnight campers, visitors, and guests are responsible for taking their trash/recyclables to designated disposal areas when they leave.
  • Campers will comply with applicable law relative to the discharge of gray or black water.
  • Washing of cars is not permitted.
  • Untreated standing water should not be stored outside because this  fosters an increase in mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Campsite should be returned to its original condition or better upon your departure. A cleaning fee will be assessed at the time of checkout if a site needs to be restored to its original condition.

Code of Conduct

  • Everyone the Cedar Hills Community is responsible for their own behavior.
  • Please respect other members of the Cedar Hills Community at all times.
  • Campers are responsible for the conduct of their visitors or guests.
  • Electronic entertainment devices that can be heard or seen outside of your site are prohibited
  • Cedar Hills management and staff will not be involved in mediating personal matters with any members of the Cedar Hills community.
  • Please keep valuables locked.
  • To report property damage, theft and other illegal activity, please call the Mazomanie police department at (608) 255-2345, and then contact Cedar Hills management at (608) 795-2606
  • Quiet time is between 10:30 PM - 7:00 AM
  • Please dispose of smoking materials properly and safely.

 Additional Rules for Seasonal Residents

In addition to the above policies and guidelines, the following shall also apply to contracted seasonal residents (please note that these general rules do not supersede or replace other contracted responsibilities).
  • Fire extinguishers: one 5 pound fire extinguisher is required within the unit and one 5 pound fire extinguisher immediately accessible to the site's designated fire ring.
  • Seasonal Campers are responsible for taking their trash/recyclables to the dumpster.
  • Water supply should be turned off at its source before leaving your campsite for any extended length of time.
  • Water supply hoses shall be kept in good repair.
  • Metered sites will be charged for electricity used at the site at the same rate as charged to the campground by the utility company supplying the electric power.
  • Tarps viewable from the road may not be hung as a privacy screen.
  • No building, slab, deck or structure of any kind is allowed before prior approval of management.
  • Grounds maintenance of the site is the responsibility of the Lessee.
  • In the event the Lessee does not mow their lawn, campground personnel will mow it and appropriate fees will be assessed.
  • Locking off access to individual campsites is prohibited in compliance with local fire code.
  • No "For Sale" signs shall be exhibited within the campground unless approved by management.
  • The sale of an RV/Camper/camping unit will not include sale of the campsite.



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