The reason why there are so many tricks involving spikes is because, unlike in Meridel Castle, they are very lenient on whether or not you touched them. It's more as if some part of you has to touch the centre of the spike in order for it to hurt you, rather than any part of the spike at all. In the same vein as this, both pictures of spikes work exactly the same when played. They will hurt you in exactly the same places. It doesn't matter which spike you use. Using the correct spike just makes the cave look better. Click here for more information about spikes!

Boulders are the only solid tile that can move left and right. As well, when a boulder lands on another boulder, it will roll off. Both of these characteristics contribute to the tricks that boulders can participate in. Click here for more information about boulders!

Well, there's only a few tricks that use ladders but it's worth having a section. The thing about ladders is that you can climb up and down them. *Hides from obvious police* Click here for more information about ladders!

Water allows you to go where you want to go. You are no longer limited by the constraints of the jump. You can swim free. Well, you could, if you had gills. Hannah is no fish. Because you can get to places you couldn't normally get to, many glitches are born (ie: Swimming through walls). Also, the new challenge of finding air can lead to a few tricks. Water also includes the good ol' water tap, which is extremely glitched up, and allows for many tricks as well. Click here for more information about water!

Did I make a mistake? Is there a trick that you know about that isn't listed here? Tpyo? Neomail me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If the trick/change checks out, you can expect to see it on this site very soon. Click here to neomail me!