EarthClan Cats

These are Your Clanmates!

Head Warrior and Warriors


































Head Warrior - 

Warriors -


Spottedfire - Swift golden-brown she-cat dotted with small black spots, amber-gold eyes tinged with green. She is a kind and caring she-cat, but is extreamely fierce in battle.

Snowfeather - a very loyal, brown tortiseshell she-cat.

Leaftail - Mottled tabby she-cat.

Twanyspot - Silver musty she-cat.

Burstingflame - Slick orange Tabby tom with a hint of dark, dark red at the tip of his tail.

Rivergleam - Misty Blueish-Grayish Russian Blue she-cat.


Braveheart - a dark gray she-cat with white paws and muzzle . She also has silver hidden in her fur and iceblue eyes with silver tinged around her muzzle.


Brown Cat

Deadheart - Mottled tabby tom.

Everleaf - dark brown tabby she-cat. White paws. glowing amber eyes.

Yellowclaw - a golden yellow tabby tom. small for his size, but gives all his power in battles. Very, very loyal and friendly. Shining green eyes. Kind and trustworthy.

Spiderfang - gray-black tom with white flecks and sharp blue eyes.

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