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1959 -RMA is established as a charter carrier, but wins approval to become a scheduled airline, linking the Midwest with the Pacific coast, via Phoenix. A fleet of assorted leased piston-powered airliners was used, with management actively looking at the emerging jet aircraft, as eventual standard types.

1960 -RMA fails in its' bid to obtain Vickers Viscounts from the financially troubled Capital Airlines, but succeeds in arranging to purchase Lockheed L-188 Electras, which allow for competitiveness with the jet operators.

1965 -The Boeing 737 is ordered, with an eye on expansion. Albuquerque is a focus city, at this time.

1968 -The first of the 737-200s begin revenue service. The RMA tradition of red engine pods, with the winged mountain logo, begins with this type.

1970 - Fahrenheit

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