Western Palearctic Birding

Chris Lansdell

Welcome to my online Western Palearctic birding diaries

All birding trip reports from January 2011 onwards can be found at http://chrislansdell.blogspot.com/ 

These pages are designed to record my quest to see as many species of bird in the Western Palearctic as possible. Most of that birding, especially in recent years, has been done in the company of my brother Justin and friends Andy and Lee. We all have our crosses to bear! We've always tried to plan one main WP birding trip a year with other shorter trips being fitted in from time to time and other committments and finances allow. We are all based in Norfolk. and have always tried to plan trips to maximise the number of WP ticks to the £ as possible in a trip but opportunities for big haul of new birds are now much more limited than they used to be. With other priorities in life and the number of possible new birds dwindling trips have become fewer in the last couple of years.  

Future trips to Egypt, the Cape Verde Islands and Mauritania are in the offing and then there are the Azores in autumn for some nearctic vagrants which is very tempting. Other than those destinations I still have a very few bits and pieces to pick up in Finland/Norway and Iceland. I would mention Yellow-headed Parrot in Stuttgart but you'd probably have me certified! 
I'd like to extend my thanks to the other birders who have supplied information allowing trip planning and photographers for kindly allowing me to use their far superior photos! These include Pablo and Clemente in Asturias, Spain, Steve Smith and Dot Machin, Trevor Davies, John and Judy Geeson, Rene-marie Lafontaine, Richard Bonser and his excellent trip reports and website http://www.freewebs.com/richbonser Klaus Malling Olsen, Reija Heinonen, Jouko Lunden, Kauko Hakkila, Jouko Olkio, Simon Berg Pederson, Richard Billington, Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan, Brian Foster, Mark Chichester, George Gregory, Pekka Fagel, Gary Brown, Austin Baird, Mike Pope, Raymond De Smeet, Pete Kinsella, Tuvia Khan, Oz Horine, Jonathan Meyrav, Noam Weiss, Richard Ek, Tom Cuffe, Dermot Breen, Chris Bell, Chris Batty, Peter Gluth, Eric Didner, Kris de Rouck, Fabian Schneider, Craig Holden, Tormod Amundsen, James McCallum,Steve Rogers, Colin McShane, Nigel Jones and others too numerous to mention.

Each overseas birding trip I have made has its own link in the list to the right and within each one I have tried to give any relevant information that may help other birders. Due to the limitations of this free website (i.e. only 20 pages allowed!) older trips are bulked together on their own page. There is also a page detailing the new WP birds which I haven't had to leave the UK or travel further than Ireland or the near continent for.

My birding blog can also be found at http://chrislansdell.blogspot.com/ 

If anyone has any questions I will also gladly help (if I know the answer!). Just contact me on:

Email - Canaryfan@hotmail.co.uk

Phone - 00 44 1379 608351

Mobile - 00 44 7979 823800

Birdforum username - Canarybirder


Websites that I've found to be particularly useful for planning trips are:

http://www.travellingbirder.com     A vast resource and the best first port of call

http://www.netfugl.dk  Danish website with WP lists, all the latest WP rarities and great galleries

http://www.osme.org  All things Middle East

http://www.surfbirds.com  A good trip reports section and great photo galleries

http://www.alsirhan.com   All the latest news from Kuwait with excellent photographs

http://www.rarebirdspain.net/home.htm  Rare bird info from Iberia

http://www.dutchbirding.nl  Dutch birding site

http://www.tarsiger.com  Finnish birding site, not very good for up to date news but great photos

http://waarneming.nl/#  All the Dutch rare birds news, maps, locations. Excellent site

http://www.artportalen.se/birds/todays.asp  All the bird reports from Sweden. Invaluable if visiting the country

http://home.tiscali.nl/~jvanderw/ John van der Woude's birding trip reports

http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/14_stub.php Mike Pope's excellent photos from Kuwait

http://www.fyldebirdclub.org/abroad.htm Foreign trip reports by Fylde Bird Club members






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