Magi, the magical poet

and off-the-wall humour writer

I am Magi, the magical poet and off-the-wall humour writer.  Welcome to my very own home site, a place where you can come to browse from a wide smorgasbord of offerings for you to enjoy or hate, as you will – though I do hope that you will find smiles aplenty.  In the various sections on the left hand side of this page you will find tables of hyperlinks that will, at the click of your mouse, transport you directly into my magical world.  There you can sip or drink deeply of all that is on offer – and it’s all absolutely free.

For convenience, these poems, stories and rants are all stored in the Magi Cafe on the social networking site of Gather.  No, I’m not plugging the site and, no, I don’t get paid for having all of my creative work there.  It’s just that I’m allowed unlimited space there, whereas on this webpage I am limited to some six megabytes in total.

But think of the Magi Café, this way: it is an archive organized by tables of contents according to the genres of poetry and prose, and according to theme.  There is probably more there than you will ever read, and it is continually added to.

The only thing that you need to do is select from various sections on the left hand side of this page and then press on the hyperlink of your choice.  Dead easy!  So, please feel that you are most welcome and absolutely free to peruse my offerings, at your leisure – to enjoy or spit the dummy, as you elect.


My grateful thanks go to my good friend in sunny Athens in Greece, Marinela Kotsina, for doing everything involved with the construction and fine tuning of this web site.


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                  The Great Seal of Liberty mean the following:

"The quality or state of being free to do business: a: the power to do business with values and principles; b: freedom from physical restraint of only doing something halfway; c: responsible and accountable to one's values and principles; d: the positive enjoyment of economic rights and privileges and e: the power of choice."


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