Jay Anthony Franke Q&A

1. Did you ever do any modeling while you were on California Dreams (you definitely had the looks Smiley)?

I did do photoshoots, so I guess I did and thankyou J

2. Have you contacted any of your former cast mates (since your last Q&A)?

I spoke briefly to Michael and Brent on myspace that’s about it.

3. Have you been approached by the greater powers to make a reunion show?

Nope never

4. This isn't CD related, but is your movie coming out in Canada? If so when?

I have no idea when it’s coming out and I have no idea where it’s distribution will be.

5. Are you planning on doing any more small screen roles?

If they come up sure

And I just wanted to say that even though it's been so long since the show has been on the air, I will forever be a huge CD fan, thanks to you and the rest of the cast!

Thankyou very much


6. Can you tell us about some of your crazy fan experiences?

Fans followed my car from the studio to my house, I kept hearing weird noises outside and I opened the door and there were two young girls standing outside my door and that was freaky, so I gave them autographs and I asked them to leave cause where I lived it was very private and they broke into the gate.


Some fans paid a guard to come into my dressing room and when I came back from taping a show they were there.


I was at a mall doing an appearance, there were thousands of fans there and they had one security guard. He was very old and the fans decided they didn’t want to wait any longer they pushed through the lines and they got passed the table and started to rip at my clothes and take my jewellery and pull my hair.



7.Does anyone today still recognize you from CD?

Every now and then yep.

8. What has to be your best memory of CD, and why?

My first day on the show because I had finally arrived.

9. How did you land the role as 'Jake' on CD

I auditioned, seven separate auditions to the director. Then the casting director brought me to the producers, then to the writers, then I went in front of them a few more times and then my final audition was in front of everyone and the NBC executives.

10. California Dreams was filmed 6mths out of the year right? What did you do in your free time?

I travelled, I went to vegas a lot etc


11.Can you actually play the bagpipes??



12.What has to be your fave CD song?

Too Much To Dream

13.Who is your favorite co-star?

They were all my favourites

15.Who on the show can you easily relate to?

Jake, we were very much alike


16.What kind of music do you like?

Pink Floyd, David Bowie I like a lot of Rock, some punk and classical music.

17.What do you do in your spare time?

When I have spare time I talk to my beautiful fiancé Tracey and I write music, drink beer, read, play video games, play my guitar.

18.What are your favorite CD moments?

Filming day cause that meant the weekend was coming

19.Were there any jokes/pranks pulled on the show?

In one episode Sly had to grab the sandwich from Matt and in dress rehearsal we put hot peppers in the sandwich it was pretty funny.


20.Does it surprise you to know there are still hard core California Dream fans to this day??

In some ways yes but it was a good show so no not really. I am very glad.


21.Do have any California Dreams merchandise?

Nope but my beautiful fiancé does.


22. Did you ever do any cast appearances if so what were they like?

We did one cast appearance at universal studios and we played for the crowd and it was really fun.


 23.. I heard you were a computer gaming specialist, do your co-workers/or their families recognize you from the show?

Yes they did.

24. Were you offered any other roles after CD

Yes there was but I decided to leave acting for awhile.

25.Which episode do you  think was best?

Harley and the Marlboro man

26.Who was your best friend off set, concerning the cast members?

Brent Gore

27.Do you want to get into acting again?

I’ve been toying with the idea but we’ll see

28.Do you still write music? If so what are they about?

Yes I do, my songs are just about my experiences in life.


30.What did you take away from CD (any insights)?

My boots lol… All good things come to an end

31.If you had the chance to go back and do it all over again, would you redo CD or try something else?
I would redo CD


32.Was anyone on the set always messing up lines/scenes?

Yeah we all were all the time. We had a whole script to memorise and some scenes from the next episode were filmed on the same night. Bloopers were recorded but I don’t know where they were.

33.Who was the joker of the group?

William James Jones


34. What’s your idea of the perfect date?

A spontaneous date. Sometimes I like it when the date is not planned and sometimes I like it when it is.



35. Where do you see yourself in 5yrs? Or where do u wanna be in 5yrs?

Married to Tracey and living in Australia



36. Do u have an official website and where can I download music of yours?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

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