Jake & Tiffani

Jake joined the California Dreams in Season 2 when he and Matt wrote a song together, it wasn't love at first site for Tiffani & Jake they started off and friends and gradually got closer. When Tiffani decided to join auto shop Jake didn't think that was a good idea because she was a girl, Tiffani decided to proove him wrong. When Tiffani was trying to fix her car Jake offered to help and they ended up putting oil all over each other which lead to a kiss. The rest of the band didn't think it was such a good idea because they were so different so they decided to break them up they succeeded but realized how wrong they were and they decided to plan a special dinner for them it worked and they got back together.
There relationship was going strong until the Junior Prom came up and Jake didn't want to go but Tiffani did, another guy offered to take her to the Prom, Jake said that it was ok so Tiffani went with him. Jake ended up coming to the Prom for Tiffani but he found Tiffani outside kissing her date, he broke up with her because he couldn't trust her anymore.
Jake started to date Lorena Costa but he remained a loyal and good friend to Tiffani like when Tiffani started to take steroids Jake was there for her. During Season 4 Jake realized that he still loved Tiffani and he broke it off with Lorena because they both realized they were better off as friends. Tiffani and Jake got back together and stayed to together till the end of the show. They parted ways because Tiffani went off to College in Hawai and Jake landed a record deal.

Key Jake & Tiffani Episodes
Season Two

Jake's Song


Ciao Jenny

Wooing Woo

The Sly That Came To Dinner


Surfboard & Cycles

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A Question of Math

High Plains Dreamer

Bwa ha ha Means I love you

School house Rock

Save the Shark

Indecent Promposal


Season Three

Tiffani's Gold

Season Four

Two Too Much

My Valentine

Principal Tiffani

The Dateless Game

Season Five

Stand by Your Man
Reel Teens
Senior Prom
Love Letters
The Last Gig

Tiffani & Jake Songs
The Way We Are
Whenever I Think of You
She's Not You
Miracle of Love

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