Jake & Lorena

It wasn't love at first site for Jake & Lorena. Jake thought she was a spoiled brat and Lorena thought he was some dumb rebel. However when Sam thought they were dating they started looking at each other differently until they realized it was crazy and they would never work as a couple so they decided to leave it as that.
But when Sly became the manager of the school radio station and Lorena's show was a hit. The school board closed down the station so Jake suggested to Lorena that she lock herself in the station in protest. But when Lorena finds herself in hot water it is up to Jake to rescue her,  they have a heated argument but end up kissing. Jake ends up helping Lorena save the station and they decide to become a couple. Jake & Lorena dated for almost all of Season 3 they had some cute moments, like when Lorena helped Jake quit smoking, when Lorena auditioned for the band and she couldn't sing, when Jake crashed his motorcycle and lost all his confidence Lorena helped him find it again etc.
At the start of season four Jake & Lorena started having problems because they had nothing in common and Jake realized he was still in love with Tiffani so they broke up but remained goodfriends.

Season Three

Heal the Bay
Budget Cuts
Blind Dates
The Treasure of PCH
The Princess & the Yeti
We'll Always Have Aspen
Trust Me
Yoko Oh No!
The Long Goodbye
Daddy's Girl

Season Four

The Harley & The Marlboro Man
Rebel Without a Nerve
Two Too Much

Let's Spend Some Time Together

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