Favourite Moments From The Show

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The episode where Jake was being filmed for a reality show. I really loved the scene between Sly and Mark where Mark was too camera shy to talk and he whispered things to Sly to say for him. The best part was the last thing Sly said on his own: "And he totally can't handle getting undressed in the locker room." and then Mark hits his head on the locker. lol

Lorena auditioning for the band:
"Stop in the name of love before you break my heart."
"Stop in the name...what's wrong? I wasn't finished."
"Ah,you said stop." Smiley

Sly and Rosie Melcher yelling at each other at the beginning of "Yoko Oh No!". That just cracks me up when they go at it.

Jake having to do that goofy speech to Sly when he greets him at the record store.

Sly apologizing to Mark for embarrasing him at Carnegie Hall.

Lorena finding out that Sly really was the one who wrote her the love letters.

Mark getting angry at the band on prom night and then the group hug at the end which ends up with everyone falling down. Smiley

Probably my all time favorite memory of the show was in the final episode when each person said goodbye to each other. I really loved that last show. Smiley

"...Tonight, in this light, you look like an angel..."

Need I say more? Smiley

When Sam and Tiffani had the guys dress up like girls, Jake and Tiffani's first kiss, Jake looking and singing to Tiffani while he is singing What Would I Do, Sly dancing with Lorena at the dance contest, and there are many more.

I also liked when Jake was being followed around by a t.v. camera. It was so funny to see Tony standing there wearing a wedding dress and Jake sewing. And how everyone acted in front of the camera. Too funnySmiley

The Dateless Game ending scene :-)

all jake and tiff moments are my favorite...lol, especially they're first kiss! I also like when the gang said their goodbyes to each other in the final episode...still brings a tear to me eye.

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