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Favourite Episodes

Two Too Much
My Valentine
The Dateless Game
The Sly Who Came to Dinner
Tiffani's Gold
Love Letters

Two Too Much
Guess Who's Coming to Brunch
Surfboards & Cycles
The Year of the Woo
 Harley & the Marlboro Man

Two Too Much

Romancing the Tube
Sleazy Rider
Surfboards and Cycles (My favorite Jake and Tiffani episode. Also the b plot was great. Loved the Sgt. Mc.Bride character.)
Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You
Schoolhouse Rock
The Unforgiven (Mark's my favorite character and this is one of my top favorites. Wish he was used more in the series.)
Yoko, Oh No!(Fun episode. Lorena trying to sing is hysterical. I also loved the Rosie Melcher character. Found her to be really funny. She should have been brought back for more episodes. The female Sly.) Smiley
Blind Dates
Trust Me
Junior Achievements
Fallen Idols (I loved when Mark gets hit in the face with the two cakes. It always cracks me up because of how big those cakes were.) Smiley
We'll Always Have Aspen
Senior Prom
Love Letters
The Last Gig

The First Gig(This is my most favorite Episode!)
Friend's First
Mother & Child Reunion
Double Date
Guess Who's Coming To Brunch
Where's Dennis?
Jake's Song
Dirty Dog Days
Ciao Jenny
Wooing Woo
Save The Shark
The Year of The Woo
Heal the Bay
Blind Dates
The Treasure of PCH
Daddy's Girl
Harley & the Marlboro Man
Woo Oopps
Defending Sly's Life
Letters From Woo
The Graduation
The Last Gig

Surfboards and Cycles
The Last Gig

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