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Brent Gore Q&A

1.What is your favorite memory from the show?
Getting the role

2. Who from the cast were/are you closest to?

3.Were you anything like your character Matt?
Yes.  We are both generally concerned for other people.  We are both musicians and both have a brother and a sister.

4.If a reunion show was made, would you participate?
More than likely yes.

5.How did the name for your band King Straggler come about?
John Hawkes was late for a party and Rodney Eastman said "Well here comes the KING STRAGGLER."

6.Do you guys have any plans to tour the eastern US any time soon?
Maybe summer 2008

7.What's your favorite song of yours to perform?
My favorite song to perform is generally Soul to Waste but it really depends on the night and the mood that I am in.

8.Who's idea was it to give John a MySpace page when he "refuses" (or am I misquoting? lol) to get a computer?
Haha, that's funny. The idea was all of ours.

9. If you could record with any other artist or band, living or dead, who would it be?
If I could record with any band it would be The Beatles.

10.What was your favourite California dreams song?
The theme song.

11.If you could play any of the other characters who would it be?

12.Are you and your band, Eye Electric, planing to go on tour?? (If so are you coming to Canada?  )
Eye Electric is more of a domain for me to showcase videos and music and has become much less then a band.  However I would love to tour as Brentley Gore soon.

13.Do you still keep in contact with your former cast mates??
Sly and Tiffany.

14.Anyone play practical jokes on the set of California Dreams??
I did all the time as did Sly.  We were constantly trying to get the other to mess up their lines and get in trouble.

15.From the cast who couldn't keep a straight face during filming?? Messed up their lines the most??
That would have to be Sly once again.

16Can you recall any memorable moments from behind the scenes? Favourite bloopers?
Not really.

17.Does it surprise you that more than ten years later, there are still crazy CD fans out there??
I love it!

18. What was your favourite episode?
The first episode.

19.What has to be your favorite King Straggler/Eye Electric song?
It would have to be "Dear God" although I love all of them... okay, I love most of them.

20.Who are your musical influences that inspired you to get into the music industry?
The Beatles and my family members.

21.Are you touring with your band anytime soon?
Hopefully this summer.

22.Describe your music's sound in five words.
Melodic, Positive, Rhythmic, occasionally sad

23.Will your music be mainstreamed on the radio one day?
I wouldn't be disappointed but I wouldn't stop writing songs if it never went mainstream.

24.Do you have any new projects in the works?
Yes but none I'm ready to talk about.  I have been auditioning a lot and writing songs.  Just recently was up for a universal film opposite Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart.

25.How did you get the role of Matt? And did the cast click instantly?
I auditioned for the role of Matt. Yes we all clicked instantly.

26.When the show first started were you all close? And how was it adjusting to heidi leaving and Jay & Jennie joining the cast?
Yes we were all close and when it changed in the second season I didn't enjoy it as much.  I preferred the original cast.

27.Did you ever meet Diana Uribe & Aaron Jackson?
Of course.  Good folks.

28.Do you think California Dreams DVD will come out?
I don't know we'll have to see.  I'm sure it will eventually come out on DVD.

29.How did you get started in singing/acting?
I come from a musical family and singing and acting kind of came naturally.

30.What made you decide to leave after the 2nd season of CD?
The dynamics and the cast changed. 

31.What was the best part about being on CD?
The opportunities it brought me and the lessons I learned.

32.Do people recognize you on the street?
All the time.

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