California Dreams Bloopers

In Two Too Much:
Tiffani's date has tickets to see "Muppets on Ice" and he mentions Big Bird and Snuffleupagus, both of them characters from "Seasame Street" (not Muppets).

In The Year of the Woo:
Sam is listing off the things that the gang put together for their Chinese New Year party. She mentions moon cakes, which aren't traditionally associated with the New Year (late January/early February) but rather the Moon Festival which happens in the fall.

In Love Letters, Tiffani regrets being mean to a guy during her freshman year. The guy remembers the year as 1992 but the gang were grad of 1997, which would have made their freshman year 1993.

In The Graduation, Jake says to Mark "Your father's a lawyer, right?" which he says yes too, but in the graduation episode Mark says he's going to need to hire a lawyer for all the trouble he's got in to.

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