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From May 29 to 31, 2007 the "Center for the Study of Language and Cognition" of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China


hosted an international conference on the theme of


Cognition and the Study of Culture


This is the "Souvenir Page" of the conference.



Themes:  Cognition and Cultural Studies, Linguistics and Cognition, Philosophy of Mind


The conference took place in the reception facilities of the Lingfeng Hotel*** which is located close to the campus.
The historical city of Hangzhou - which has also become a synomym of China's economic boom - is located on the famous West Lake which attracts millions of visitors every year As a city of 6.5 millions, Hangzhou offers many traditional and modern cultural attractions. The center also organized a trip to the nearby watertown Shaoxing. Other tourist links for Hangzhou: Link 1 Link 2 


"I've attended many conferences all over the world, and the Hangzhou conference is no doubt one of the best, mainly due to its small scale, good range of topics, stimulating discussions, wonderful participants, and gracious hosts."




Monday, May 28


Registration from 8.00 am to 19.00 in the lobby of Lingfeng Hotel


Dinner reception at 18.00

  "I too had the same feeling of  regret and sadness when I left. It is rare o meet such an interesting and harmonious group of people. It was a true pleasure to me et you all. I hope we can meet again." 


Tuesday, May 29


Morning Session 8.30-12.00


Opening Ceremony


(8.30-9.15 Meeting Room A, Lingfeng Hotel)


ModeratorProf. Huaxin Huang


Addresses by:


Prof. Weidong Luo, Zhejiang University


Prof. Paul van den Hoven, Utrecht University


9:15-9:30 Photo Session


9:30-9:45 Coffee Break


Keynote Speeches:


Peter Simons (University of Leeds, England):

The Emergence of Intentionality



Huaxin Huang & Henry Lee (Zhejiang University):

Representation and Development of Cognition



Uriah Kriegel (University of Sydney and University of Arizona):

On the Very Idea of Distributed Cognition



Lunch at Lingfeng Hotel








 "This was easily one of the best conference experiences i have had in my life, along almost any dimension i can think of. i attribute this success to two main factors: the excellent combination of efficiency and cheerfulness of our hosts and organizers, and to the fortuitously marvelous cast of characters among the presenters. it strikes the conference was also a success in terms of creating genuine communication between local and international scholars, despite the cultural boundaries, and for my part, i can say with confidence that i have learned as much outside the classroom as inside it. take care and keep in touch..."


 Afternoon 14.00-15.30






ModeratorPaul van den Hoven

ModeratorXiaolu Wang

Simone Gozzano (Universita di L'Aquila, 
Italy): 'Animals Beliefs'

Erhabor S. Idemudia (University of Limpopo, South Africa): Cultural Cognitions of Illness and Wellbeing: An African Perspective.

Ping Tian (Beijing Normal University): The Compatibility of Externalism and Self-Knowledge

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (Zhejiang University): Is Cognition of Multi-Realities Possible? Comparing The Matrix with Tarkovsky's Stalker and Solaris

Yujian Zheng (Lingnan University, Hong Kong): Memes, Mind, and Normativity

Heidi L. Maibom (Carleton University) : Thoughts of Rivals, Thoughts of Failure: How Emotions Affect Our Thoughts


Coffee break 15.30-15.45



Afternoon, 15.45-17.15


ModeratorPaul van den Hoven

ModeratorThorsten Botz-Bornstein

Axel Gelfert (University of Singapore): Learning from Others: Testimony and the Cognitive Role of Culture

Federica Da Milano (Universita di Milano-Bicocca, Italy): The Relationship between Spatial and Temporal Language in the Sino-Japanese Environment

Sandra Egege (Flinders University South Australia): Culture and Language as Social Construction: A Case Against Cultural Difference


Yili Shi (Missouri State University): The Study of Cognition and the Linguistic Form of Yi in Relation to Its Current Development into an Indefinite Article

Samuel Francois (Wuhan University): Language and Nature (A Brief Inquiry into the Nature and Function of Language)


Jacynthe Tremblay (Shenzhen): Time and Self. A Comparison between Kimura Bin and Nishida Kitarô concerning Temporality

Dinner at Lingfeng Hotel.

Wednesday, May 30



Morning, 8.30-10.00


ModeratorPing Tian


ModeratorThorsten Botz-Bornstein


Chang-le Zhou & Yun Yang (Xiamen University): Chinese Metaphor Computation: The State of Art

Chong-li Zou (Chinese Academy of Social Science): Categorical Type Logic Research on Special Chinese Sentences

Jiayan Xiao & Minyan Zhao (Zhejiang University): Preferential Conceptuali- zation and the Undertranslation of Metaphor - A Study of English Translation of SHANG-XIA Spatial Metaphors in The Story of the Stone

Xiaolu Wang (Zhejiang University): Agentive and Contextual Factors Affecting Metaphorical Cognition



Ming-Ming Pu (University of Maine, Farmington): Cognitive and Discourse Aspects of Classifiers in Complex NPs


Coffee break 10.00-10.15





Morning, 10.15-12.30


Keynote Speeches:


Moderator: Prof. Xiaoming Sheng


Paul van den Hoven (Utrecht University):

Manipulating Worlds: from Pragma-epistemic to Socio-physical Domain



Barry Hartley Slater (University of Western Australia):

Dreaming of Consciousness



Zivia (Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Israel ):

The Conspiracy of Furniture or The Sitting Man Smoothes Wrinkles



Closing Speeches:


Addresses by Prof. Xiaoming Sheng, Zhejiang University




Afternoon, 14.00-17.30


14.00 gathering in the lobby of Lingfeng Hotel

Trip to West Lake and Leifeng Pagoda.



Dinner in traditional Chinese Teahouse.


 Thursday, May 31



9.00 gathering in the lobby of Lingfeng hotel

Trip to Shaoxing

A limited number of the conference papers will be considered for publication. Cambridge Scholars Publishing has shown interest in a monograph