Caarne L. Elliott

MNT Condition

Mobile Nail Technology

Mobile Nail Technology is a service provided anywhere you are.  At home, work, hospitals, or even with a group of friends.  It is designed to administer specialized care to your hands and feet.  The stress of life daily wears on our fingers and toes.  That is why we are determined to make sure that lack of time doesn't get in the way of you taking care of your prized hands and feet.  So we come to you!  Please take a look at our services below.  If you have specific needs we would love to chat with you in a one-on-one consultation to understand how to better serve you.   May you be blessed and may your soul and spirit stay in MNT Condition!

Mani-Pedi Package "The Cures"- $65

This package includes aroma, music, massage and soak therapy and also includes an on-the-go"Cure Kit".  Mommies need extra care for their swollen little feet, while a diabetic may need a creative wellness for their feet.  Elderly or better referred to as, "seasoned individuals" are prone to circulation issues and the cure has to be careful for their bones and joints.  We term our "Cures" uniquely to demonstrate our goal to be there for you:

Classic Manicure- $25

Includes basic hand and fingernail maintenance: trim, file, buff, cuticles and polish.  Then accents with music, massage therapy. Paraffin is additional $5.

Classic Pedicure- $45

Includes basic foot and toenail maintenance: trim, file, buff, cuticles, polish and callous remover.  Then accents with music, massage therapy. Paraffin is additional $7.

Other Services, Fees, & Rules- 

  • Eyebrow clean up $10 (Coming Soon...)
  • Eyebrow complete wax $15 (Coming Soon...)
  • Cancellation Fee $25 (Must be 25 hours in advance.)
  • The area must be suitable for service. 
  • Water must be available and accessable. 
  • Children must be supervised.